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Top Facts You Need to Know about Dialysis

Many patients who are going to receive dialysis are concerned about what will
happen if they start dialysis. Here are the main facts which they should know.
1. Risks
You will experience some side effects or complications from dialysis. For example, muscle cramps, itchy skin, lack of interest in sexual life, poor sleep, etc.
2. Diet
Your diet may be strictly arranged by your doctors. For peritoneal dialysis, you may need to eat a high –protein diet. And for hemodialysis, you may need to restrict the intake of salt, potassium and phosphorus, etc.
3. Time Is It Possible to Reduce Frequent Dialysis In China
Dialysis affects your time schedule so you have to rearrange your activities surround your dialysis treatment. Hemodialysis must be done 3times a week with 3 to 4 hours each time, and for peritoneal dialysis, you have to do it every day.
4. Travel What Can I Do to Prevent Fainting Spells During Dialysis
When you start your dialysis, your travel need may needs to be planned carefully. If you want to travel away from home, you may need to find a dialysis center there.How to Reduce Foot Swelling for Patients with 2-year Dialysis
5. Money
Dialysis is usually not free, instead, they are often expensive. You may need to worry about things on paying for dialysis.
6. Poor Substitution What Could Happen If You Missed a Dialysis Treatment
Dialysis is just a not too qualified substitution of your kidneys. After all, dialysis does not cure your kidneys at all.
7. Hard to dispense
If you start dialysis, it is usually hard for you to get rid of dialysis, which is because most patients will die within a few weeks after they stop dialysis.
8.Medicine Can a Person Doing Dialysis 3 Times a Week Eat Gooseberries
Dialysis does not mean that you take only it, in fact, besides dialysis, you have to take some medicines every day so as to coordinate with your dialysis.
According to the defects of dialysis, our hospital proposes Immunotherapy to treat Kidney Disease including Kidney Failure, to be more specific, Immunotherapy can help you recover your damaged kidneys, so it is a big difference from dialysis.
Dialysis used in our hospital is just a method to create more time for reparation of kidneys, if you just rely on dialysis but do not use any other treatments, your kidneys will eventually become useless.

So, before your kidneys are completely lost its functions, you may adopt our Immunotherapy to save your kidneys, by this method, you have great possibility of getting rid of dialysis.

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