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New Research: Receive Dialysis during Night - Night Home Hemodialysis

There is a new study about dialysis, which shows receiving dialysis during night
has better treatment effects. The research report results: the life quality of people with kidney diseases (end-stage kidney disease) can be improved; heart function increases; blood pressure can be reduced; the drug dependence will be reduced.
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Normally, people with kidney diseases need to go to hospital three times (4 hours each time) in a week when they receive dialysis. But if you receive dialysis during night, you just need to begin it before you go to sleep. After 7 hours it is OK. How Can Acupuncture Treat Kidney Disease Patients Who Undergo Dialysis
The reporter analysis that better effects of dialysis during night is because traditional dialysis will last 12 hours totally a week, but dialysis during night will last 36 hours in a week. It will affect blood pressure less than before after dialysis time is prolonged. Patients on nighttime home dialysis feel better and have more energy compared with patients who undergo conventional hospital dialysis. Cause of Sweet Taste in Mouth of Dialysis Patient
Besides, Science Daily (Aug. 20, 2009) — For the first time, it has shown that patients who receive night home hemodialysis live just as long as those who receive kidney transplants from deceased donors. Long overnight dialysis is a practical way for clinics to offer longer dialysis sessions that are well tolerated by most patients with kidney disease.What Happens If A Patient Misses His Dialysis
Science Daily (June 21, 2011) — Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital have found more evidence of the benefits of home dialysis for patients with kidney failure.

The treatment methods of kidney diseases are improve day by day such as Night Home Hemodialysis.

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