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Life Expectancy for Patients with Kidney Failure

Most patients with Kidney Failure have suffered from kidney disease for many years. Kidney Failure is caused by variety of kidney disease and other conditions that lead to kidney damage and the deterioration of kidney function. Patients with Kidney Failure must know that Kidney Failure can’t be treated thoroughly. Kidney Failure means people have already suffered a serious condition. Therefore, effective treatment method for people with Kidney Failure means prolong the life expectancy of patients.
There is a patient with Kidney Failure who is in a very severe condition. Serum Creatinine is 1082.6umol/L, 11.6g protein in urine, BUN 29.87mmol/L, CO2CP 12.0mmol/L, both kidneys show slight shrinking and hydronephrosis. The patient was diagnosed with Nephritis and Kidney Failure. He still has serious anemia, hard breath, short breath and fatigue. His doctor told him that he still can live for ten years at most. When he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, he told the doctors in our hospital that he wanted to live longer. His life expectancy is to live for more twenty years.
We use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to promote the blood circulation of kidneys and eliminate the metabolic wastes and toxins from blood, improve the condition of anemia. After 11 days treatment with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in our hospital, he shows energetic and stuffy and short breath is disappeared. Stem Cell Transplant is used to supply new functional cells to replace the necrotic kidney tissues. His condition is greatly improved such as the BUN is 15.3mmol/L, Serum Creatinine is 675.9umol/L, and CO2CP is 21mmol/L. The patient is very satisfied with the treatment effect. He never thought that his creatinine can be lowered obviously. Usually dialysis only can lower creatinine in a short time and the creatinine is just slightly lowered. He felt that he is very good and he is energetic. He said to our doctor that he felt he can live more than twenty years which is excess the life expectancy of the patients.
You should know that Kidney Failure is a kind of fatal disease. If you are suffering from Kidney Failure you may also care about the life expectancy. The good treatment method for people with Kidney Failure should have the ability to prolong the life expectancy of patients. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant can greatly improve kidney function so that patients can live in a normal life.
Therefore, patients with Kidney Failure should treat as early as possible. You may find a hope if you try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant. Life expectancy can be prolonged. Dialysis for a long-time can cost a lot and the best method for people with Kidney Failure is to treat timely and the treatment effect will be much better than that treat at end-stage Kidney Failure.

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