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Why Overweight People are Easy to Suffer from Renal Failure?

Overweight isn’t just a cosmetic problem and it’s a health problem as well. Most people know overweight can cause Hypertension, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis, fatty liver, Diabetes, stroke and other diseases while very people realize that overweight can also lead to Renal Failure. In fact, overweight does damage to kidneys through four ways: high blood pressure, high blood sugar (Diabetes), high blood fat, high uric acid. Meanwhile, these four factors interact, forming a vicious circle. Many overweight people do not understand why they are suffering from Renal Failure without any warning signs.
Renal damage under high blood pressure
Overweight can result in Hypertension. When the blood pressure elevates, there will be more pressure on blood vessels in kidneys. If this condition lasts for a long time, blood vessels in kidneys will hardenas well as the kidneys. In addition, due to overweight, a large amount of fat will wrap the kidneys, there will occur buildup of fat, causing bad blood circulation in kidneys. In the early stage, there will occur hardening of glomerulus. As time goes by, in the end stage, the kidneys may be in a state of Renal Failure or atrophy.
Renal damage under high blood fat
Overweight can easily cause high blood fat, thereby lead to renal damage.The morphological change of kidneys is the increase of fat in kidneys, increase in weight and enlargement in size. In histological test, there usually appears obvious deposition of fat granule in renal tubules and glomerular basement membrane and glomerulus is enlarged, thus leading to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and then Renal Failure.
Renal damage under high blood sugar
Overweight is easy to cause insulin resistance and then latent Diabetes. Especially, women with a fatty body are tend to suffer from non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). The onset is latent and usually there are no typical symptoms, like polydipsia (drink more), eat more (polyphagy), diuresis (urinate more). Some patients look very strong with rosy cheeks and full of energy. These patients usually go to see a doctor because of some complications and Renal Failure is one of the first comlications.
Renal damage under high uric acid
Hyperuricemia is caused by long-term metabolic disorder of purine metabolism, which is common in overweight people. The manifestations are the recurrence of acute arthritis, deposition of gouty tophus, chronic arthritis, joint deformity, pathological changes in renal parenchyma and the formation of acidcalculus. About 20%-40% of the patients may intermittently occur little proteinuria in the early stage. As the disease progresses, there may occur persistent proteinuria as well as microscopic hematuria. The urine shows negative and there may occur mild edema and moderate benign Hypertension. Decline of concentration function of renal tubular may occur to almost all the patients. Besides, the damage of concentration function of renal tubular is earlier than the damage of glomerular function. The disease usually progresses into Renal Failure after a long time, thus threatening people's life.
There are some signals, prompting the kidneys have been damaged.
When there occurs the following symptoms with the overweight people, they should go to the hospital to do some relevant tests. Especially overweight people with a medical history of kidney disease should pay much attention.
1. Aching and limp in waist and knees, and feel fatigue in the whole body;
2. Edema on eyelids and bilateral lower limbs;
3. Much foam in urine and last for a long time, which may be the signal of proteinuria;
4. Patients with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat and high uric acid;
5. Bad appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea and peculiar smell in mouth with unknown reasons;
6. Anemia with unknown reasons;
7. Bone pain in the whole body and skin inch without obvious reasons;
8. Infection, such as respiratory tract infection or urinary infection.
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