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The Suitable Diets for a Child with Kidney Failure

As they are growing, the child with Kidney Failure needs enough nutrients to meet the consumption of all organs, but his or her unique medical conditions determine he or she must keep certain food or chemicals away. So the diets for those kids are additionally strict and relatively loose
Hard food and irritant food are harmful and dangerous to keens with Kidney Failure, because waste deposition and sick microcirculation both make gastrointestinal mucosa congestive and anabrotic. Most keens of this kind have difficulty in coagulation. Once gastrointestinal tract is wounded by hard food, the bleeding will be persistent. The death may caused by acute lack of blood. Irritant food like pepper, alcohol etc. will worsen the conditions of congestion and anabrosis.
Though red meat is rich in high protein, mutton is not suitable for the child with Kidney Failure caused by Purpura, Lupus Erythematosus and other Allergic Diseases, because it belongs to stimulating food which will deteriorate the symptoms of Kidney Failure, such as itching skin, vomit, diarrhea and so on.
The child with Kidney Failure usually has poor appetite. The strict controlled salt will make the diet dull, which can not attract his or her appetite. Virtually, if the child has no obvious swellings, he or she can have salt in a small dose according the doctor’s suggestions. However, all packaged or commercially prepared foods should be considered to abandon, for they contain not only salt but also soda or other additives. Although milk and leafy green vegetables both pack a high amount of potassium, they can not be removed from the approved list, for they are natural calcium sources. Moreover, those vegetable can offer water soluble vitamins to replenish the lost vitamins in dialysis, like vitamin C, B etc.
The best dietary habit is to have small frequent meals with wide nutrients. Taking the need of the child, the parents must try their best to create various recipes to provoking the appetite, because the child who is not eating will have quicker deterioration of kidney function. In fact, only the kids with the End Stage Kidney Failure have to be controlled strictly on the food list. Other ill children can depend on the relatively loose diet.

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