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Why My Disease Relapse?

Kidney Disease is a system of diseases harming kidneys, which can be primary or secondary. All of them are troublesome and easily relapse. Many people can not help wondering why those Kidney Diseases relapse. In general, there are three main reasons for their relapse.
Their pathology concern their relapse
Most of kidney diseases belong to immunodeficient diseases, in which the overreact of body towards the foreign objects attacks its own tissues. Those diseases like Minimal Change Nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, Renal Purpura and so on. To cure those diseases, immune systems must be restrained, but to guard against diseases, we have to strengthen our immune system. It is hard to balance this contradiction. The diseases with a genetic flaw easily relapse like Polycystic Kidney Disease, for we are unable to change genes at present. Some other Kidney Diseases tend to relapse, because their causes are impossibly avoided. For instance, Kidney Stone can be attributed to many necessary nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, amino acid and so on. If they are completely forbidden, people will show malnutrition, not to mention treating the diseases.
Although many Kidney diseases can not be removed completely, we still have the potential to keep them in a benign situation and prevent them deteriorating. For example, traditional medicines are helpless to Polycystic Kidney Disease. They only shave off pain, high blood pressure and other symptoms. Surgeries merely remove the big cysts, leaving the small ones growing for the next surgery. It is not the disease relapsing but the disease having not be cured. Since we are incapable to change the genes, what we can do is to shrink the cysts and keep them in a situation that does not affect people’s normal life. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has such function.
Any disease emerging relates to the lifestyle of the patients. Alcohol abuse, smoking, playing into night and other unhealthy living habits, all will affect organs in body and muddle their functions. With those habits, the people usually urinate a lot or little, infected by bacteria and virus, which potentially arouse Kidney Diseases and their occurrences. So sometimes, it is not that the treatment has no effects but the external causes we can not control lead to they relapse and deteriorate in to Kidney Failure.
So if you have received effective treatments and form a healthy dietary regiment, your disease will not relapse.

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