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Dialysis is One Cause of Kidney Cysts

Kidney cysts can be subdivided into three types---simple kidney cysts, adult
kidney cysts and acquired kidney cysts. As its name indicates, the acquired kidney cysts are the cysts that are acquired in the stage of uremia or after a period of dialysis. Different from other types of kidneys cysts, the acquired kidney cysts have nothing to do with the age but it is related to how long the patients have taken dialysis. It has been proved that in most cases, patients that have no kidney cyst before the dialysis will acquire kidney cysts after three years’ dialysis. There will be at least 4 cysts in one kidney and the diameter of most of the cysts is 2 to 3cm. Some of the cysts can be infected or even become cancerous. So it is necessary for the patients to prevent or at least slow down the progression of various kidney diseases into uremia and in terms of dialysis, more cautions should be made before taking it.
How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Besides the kidney cysts, dialysis can also cause many other complications which will have serious affects on the patients’ life quality. Long term complications of dialysis include hypertension, left cardiac dysfunction, coronary disease, pericarditis, pulmonary edema, pleural effusion, gastrointestinal disease, liver disease, dialysis-related ascites, anemia, renal bone disease as well as diseases in the urinary tract and nervous system, etc.Correct Indicated Medicines for Bilateral Renal Cortical Cyst
Although dialysis can help replace the kidney’s function to discharge the metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body, there are many other pathogenic substances that can’t be cleared out of the body by dialysis. What is worse, after a period of dialysis, the patients will become dependent on it and the remaining functioning nephrons will cease to work and in the end there is no way to reverse the kidney damages. Actually dialysis is not a treatment at all. It is just a machine that replaces the kidney’s functions and since the metabolism will be produced all the time, patients have to take dialysis regularly and this often brings many pains and sufferings to them.Any Herb Medicine for Kidney Cyst and Proteinuria Is There Any Medicine to Stop Growing Cysts in the Kidneys

In order to get rid of dialysis and avoid the painful complications of dialysis, more positive and effective treatments should be sought. The characteristic treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital---immunotherapy is the most advanced therapy at present for the treatment of kidney diseases. It combines the Chinese therapy and the western therapy and makes the best of their advantages and can have very good curative effects on kidney cysts and other kidney diseases.

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