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Medicated Bath in Treating Kidney Diseases

Medicated bath is also called Hydrotherapy, which can date back to Zhou dynasty
over 3000 years ago. Since Qing dynasty, medicated bath has been adopted by Chinese medical specialists in treating or preventing some kinds of disease like Kidney diseases. Medicated bath inherits the principle of enhancing or regulating human being its own immunity to guard against diseases.
The functions of skin
Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease
From the modern point of Chinese medical science, skin is the natural filtration membrane with acreage of 1.6 cm2 almost equaling to the total filtration area of glomeruli. The skin of human being owns many blood capillaries as well as two to four million sweat glands. That is to say, there are about 130 sweat glands on every square centimeter. In spite of one sweat gland weighting 30~40 ug, their total weight equals a kidney about 100g.
Medicated Bath in Treating Polycystic Kidney Diseases
In other words, skin has the similar functions of kidney, such as secretion and regulation. Sweat from skin contains about 99% water and 1% objects including sodium chloride, urea, creatinine, ammonia, uric acid etc, which means that skin can drain out some metabolic wastes. Besides secretion, skin plays an important role in regulating electrolyte, water and other substances, because it is also able to hold water and reabsorb something. Patients with uremia or at the End Stage Kidney Failure will have ureafrost and skin itch, because their renal function have failed and the deposited metabolic wastes will find access of skin to drain out.
Scientificity of medicated bath in treating Kidney Diseases Medicated Bath For Kidney Disease How Does Medicated Bath Affect PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
The hot water in medicated bath will dilate the pores and blood vessels. The effective medicines are absorbed by skin and reach the lesion though blood circulation, treating the disease inside and outside. Since ancient time, medicated bath has been used to activate blood circulation, dissolve blood stasis, prevent cold, detoxify toxins, ease swellings and pain, regulate immune system, maintain health and so on. It is proved that medicated bath can increase certain immune globulin in blood and enhance the flexibility and activity.Where Can I Get Chinese Foot Bath Therapy

In treating Kidney Disease, patients will sweat a lot and brings out much excess water and metabolic wastes, effectively easing edema and removing ureafrost on skin. The medicines scattering in bath as well as hot water both can dilate blood vessels, lower viscosity of blood and improve anoxia. Urine of patients will increase after medicated bath. More wastes removed from body through sweat and urine, patients will feel refreshed. It is beneficial for medicines to repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells when their workload is reduced during medicated bath.

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