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Lower Back Pain and Kidney Diseases

Lower back pain is an ailment for many people, but if they are often troubled by
it, they can not help suspecting whether there are problems in their kidneys or not. Actually, lower back pain is not an independent disease, but a symptom results from many reasons, because the tissues in lower back are complex. Lower back pain can be attributed to two main kinds: Kidney Diseases and non-kidney diseases.
Kidney Diseases Are PKD People Always in Constant Pain
Lower back pain is the feelings when renal capsule is damaged. Some Kidney Diseases will stretch renal capsule or affect its local nerves, such as Acute Nephritis, Renal Cyst,Polycystic Kidney Disease, Pyelonephritis, Obstructive Nephropathy, Nephrotic Syndrome, Renal Venous Thrombosis, and Nephroma which cause dull pain or swollerpain.Could Chronic Pain and Fatigue Related to FSGS
Another kind of pain is sharp pain, which is usually attributed to the infections and wounds in kidney diseases such as broken cysts, bleeding in renal tumors, or acute lacking blood, purulent infection in kidneys.
In addition, renal colic often occur among patients with kidney stone, nephrotuberculosis, renal tumors, obstructed urinary tract by clotting and dead tissues from renal papillae. Management of Back Pain in Dialysis Patients
Non-kidney diseases Diabetic Nephropathy, Creatinine 5.56, Swollen Legs and Back Pain
Lower back pain can result from strain of lumbar muscles, herniated disk and bleeding, swellings, cramp caused bruise or sprain.
Spine is connected with lower back, so the diseases in spine may affect lower pack, such as spinal cord tumor and myelitis. Moreover, pain in lumbosacral portion can involved with lower back pain. This pain caused by the diseases in some organs like womb and pancreas.

In fact, it is not difficult to tell the pain caused by kidney diseases from that of non-kidney diseases. Most kidney diseases can be found in urine test, B ultrasound and renal function test. Thus lower back pain may indicate more severe diseases sometimes. It is harmful for your health to keep a continuous lower back pain and take no tests or treatments.

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