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Top 10 Facts about High Creatinine Level

High Creatinine Levels usually imply the kidney dysfunction or kidney damage, but
it is not all the case. Creatinine is a micromolecule substances that could be filtrated by glomerulus and it is hardly reabsorbed in renal tubules. So in normal cases, creatinine produced in the body is nearly could be eliminated out of the body along with urine.
So what is about high creatinine level? Take a look.
1. Creatinine is a waste produced by muscle metabolism, so serum creatinine is closely related with the whole gross of muscle.
How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
2. Serum creatinine’s concentration is mainly determined by the glomerulus filtration function, and it is nearly not absorbed in renal tubules.
3. Serum creatinine is a non-sensitive indicator for kidney function, because in the earlier stage of renal function recession, serum creatinine shows no decline. Only when the glomerulus filtration rate(GFR) declines to the 50 percent of the normal values, serum creatinine could increase dramatically.
4. When the creatinine level is obviously higher than the normal range, it indicates that the renal function has been damaged greatly.
5. The normal range of creatinine level for men is 53—106gmol/L, and women is 44.2—97.2gmol/L.High Creatinine Level And Kidney Failure
6. It is not enough to just treat the surface phenomenon of high creatinine level, treating the damaged kidney’s glomerulus basement membrane is the key focus.What Causes High Creatinine Level in Blood
7. Some other reasons except for the harmed kidneys are also could be blamed for the high creatinine levels, so exact inspection are needed so as to make certain the real reasons for high creatinine level.
8. Except for serum creatinine, urine creatinine could be used as another clinical reference for renal function. Normal range for urine creatinine is about 8.4—1 3.25mmol/24h or 40-130mg/dL.What Medicines and Treatment for Reducing Creatinine 5.59
9. Creatinine over 500 gmol/L often indicates that dialysis is needed, however, it is not always that case. Some patients who have the creatinine level of 1000 gmol/L just start the dialysis, so it depends.
10. High creatinine level is very harmful to the body, so treatment should be received as soon as possible.

I hope you have known the general knowledge and facts about high creatinine level. May those are helpful to you!

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