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What Do I Need to Avoid If There Is Kidney Cyst (Renal Cyst)

If people are found Kidney Cyst (Renal Cyst), there is something that needs to be
avoided to prevent developing of cysts on kidney.
Kidney cyst (renal cyst) can be divided into two types. The simple kidney cyst is very common and has no risk of becoming a kidney cancer. A “simple kidney cyst” is a finding that has a very clear definition depending on the radiologic imaging test (eg. ultrasound, CT scan, etc.) that is used to identify it. The term “complex cyst” refers to a spectrum of cysts that have different characteristics which may make them suspicious for kidney cancer.
Something should be avoided for kidney cyst (renal cyst) is as follows:
★AVOID stimulating factors of cysts growing How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Caffeine-Coffee, de-coffee
Green tea, white tea, black tea, de-caf teas, cola, sodas, pop and especially-
Alcohol and other drinks that contains alcohol such as wine, fruit wine, beer, dessert wine, etc
★AVOID following foods
Too salty food such as pickled food
Sea food
Organ meat
Spicy foods
★AVOID rupture of the cyst
Trauma Are There Any Natural Herb Treatments for Treating PKD Cysts
Strenuous exercise
Rupture of these cysts can cause mild to severe complications.
Blood in the urine, or hematuria, is the most commonly reported sign of ruptured cysts within the kidney.How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
In mild cases, blood may be undetectable to the eye, only being detected by a urinalysis screen available through your physician.
In more severe cases, the cysts may cause bleeding that is visible during urine excretion.
Ruptured kidney cysts, in severe cases, can lead to obstructed blood flow in certain parts of the kidney resulting in damage.
According to the Kidney Cancer Institute, simple kidney cysts rarely cause any complications and are often filled with a clear or yellow fluid. In rare cases, they are filled with blood. Complex cysts are more likely to cause bleeding with rupture.Tendency of PKD Treatment in 2016: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
★AVOID growing of the kidney cyst by receiving natural remedies such as some herbs or dietary treatment for the cysts on kidney, which has no side effects.

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