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If a Normal Level of Creatinine Rules Out Having Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Normal level of creatinine can not rule out having Polycystic Kidney Disease
We know Polycystic Kidney Disease causes high creatinine level, so when people with parents suffering Polycystic Kidney Disease have a normal level of creatinine, they always think they will not suffer from this disease. Actually, it is not true.
Polycystic Kidney Disease is a chronic kidney disease, which means it needs some time for it to develop into kidney failure. During this process, many abnormal symptoms appear gradually with the deterioration of kidney damages, including high level of creatinine.What Natural Supplement Will Lower Creatinine
Polycystic Kidney Disease makes our kidneys are full of cysts which have different size. At the very beginning, these cysts are very small and they are small enough to allow our kidneys to work normally. In this case, our creatinine level does not increase at all.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
Later, with the enlargement of these cysts, some renal intrinsic cells are damaged gradually. Our kidneys contains about two million renal glomeruli, which is such a large number that when there is only a small group of glomeruli are damaged, our normal life is unaffected. Obviously, our creatinine does not increase at all, because only when a half of kidney functions are impaired, can our creatinine level increase.
With the progression of Polycystic Kidney Disease, more and more our renal functional cells are damaged and necrotic, as a result of which, kidney functions are poorer and poorer. When our remaining kidney functions are unable to excrete excessive creatinine, more and more creatinine piles up in our blood and consequently, creatinine level increases.What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Lower Creatinine Level
Therefore, normal level of creatinine can not rule out having Polycystic Kidney Disease. PKD is a hereditary kidney disease and usually, if one of our parents is suffering from this disease, we have 50% possibility to develop this disease and with both two parents suffering from this disease, we are at 75% risk of suffering it.Should Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 5.67 Start Dialysis

Polycystic Kidney Disease in early stage can be controlled effectively and patients can live normally, so having a early diagnosis is very important for Polycystic Kidney Disease patient's future life. Since creatinine level does not increase at the very beginning, we should do examination regularly so as to have an early diagnosis.

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