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Can Kidney Function Be Improved in Renal(Kidney) Failure Sufferers?

Whether kidney function can be improved or not depends on the treatment that is adopted. Usually, in renal failure stage, dialysis is commonly adopted to artificially remove metabolic wastes and useless substances so as to alleviate symptoms and severe complications. But dialysis can neither repair impaired kidneys nor improve kidney functions. To improve kidney function, the only way is to stop further renal fibrosis and repair the damaged renal nephrons. Otherwise, the remaining kidney units will get atrophied gradually. Henceforth, is there such a therapy that can improve kidney units? What can we expect from the treatment in renal failure patients?
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In the kidneys of renal failure patients, there are three groups of kidney units, that is, the necrotic ones, the severely impaired ones and the normal ones. The necrotic and severely impaired ones occupy a large part, while the remaining ones are small in amount and will also be damaged if not treated. So, our treatment includes two aspects: first, repair the damaged ones, block further renal fibrosis and prevent further deterioration with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy; second, regenerate new kidney units so as to replace the necrotic ones with Stem Cell Transplant.
Of the two therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is developed from traditional Chinese herbs and has been applied in clinical practice for 26 years in this hospital. Micro means that the medicines are shattered into particles that are thousands times smaller than normal medicines so as to be more easily absorbed by the kidneys. And Osmotherapy means that the osmosis medicines are penetrated into kidney lesions directly with effective penetrants and osmosis devices, in this way, the effects of the herbal medicines can be brought into full play.
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To repair the damaged nephrons and block further renal fibrosis, micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy has four main roles: dilate blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degeneration. In the process, the useless toxins and excellular matrix can be degenerated and then be brought away by smooth blood circulation, thereby, further kidney damage can be avoided and the internal environment can be kept relatively clean with low toxin; more and more nutrients will be brought to kidney lesions with dilated blood vessels and smooth blood flow, hence accelerating self-repairing speed of the damaged renal intrinsic cells.
Based on this, we still need stem cell transplant so as to regenerate new nephrons. Stem cells are a group of undifferentiated and unmatured cells that are qualified with self-renewing, unlimited differentiation and multiple-differentiation potentials. After entering body, stem cells can maximally restore damaged renal cells, regenerate new renal intrinsic cells so as to replace the necrotic cells. As a result, kidney function can be improved, complications of kidney failure such as acid-base imbalance, erythrocyte imbalance and fluid retention can be alleviated, and symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure and short breath can be relieved.
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With the combination of the two therapies, kidney function can be improved maximally. However, as kidney function usually deteriorates at a fast speed in end-stage kidney failure, treatment should be as early as possible. If the kidneys are totally failed, there will be no environment for our therapie and also all other therapies to take on effect.
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