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Does Kidney Failure Affect the Hearts

A doctor in America has said that more than 50% of people with kidney failure die because they have developed heart disease.
The kidney failure can cause many complications such as deterioration of the memory, headache, fatigue, loss appetite, digestive problems. Besides it can also cause heart diseases.
Is Jaundice Associated with Kidney Failure
People with chronic kidney failure may have heart diseases suddenly, the symptoms of which is not easy to be detected. The reasons of heart diseases of people with kidney failure include high blood pressure, too much blood volume, toxin in human body and electrolyte metabolism disorder and acidosis which are caused by kidney failure. And it will lead to increases of LVEDV (Left Ventricular End diastolic Volume) and stroke volume. When the cardiac compensation is damaged, the left heart function decreases and heart failure occurs.
Hence people with kidney failure need to do heart diseases prevention work.
How to prevent complication-heart disease for people with kidney failure? Keeping your heart healthy is possible by firstly reducing the standard risk factors for developing heart disease and secondly, by reducing the extra risk factors for heart disease that exist because of kidney failure. This can be achieved by adherence to your prescribed medication, diet, fluid intake and exercise. Such measures should be taken from the earliest stages of kidney failure. This will help to prevent irreversible damage.
Rethink of Home Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients
What are the risk factors for heart disease? The standard risk factors for cardiovascular disease are:
High blood pressure
Family history of early heart attack e.g. before age 65
Pre-existing arterial disease
Sedentary lifestyle
Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat Longan
People with renal failure or in early stage of kidney disease need to prevent complications of kidney diseases. Besides, better treatment of renal failure is helpful.

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