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Chinese Therapy for Renal failure

Chinese therapy doesn’t refer to one therapy, but many kinds, including Chinese herb medicine, Stem Cell Transplant, herbal bath, foot massage and acupuncture. Chinese therapy is different for western medicine in treating renal failure. It not only relieves symptoms but also stresses treating the root causes of renal failure.
Root cause or renal failure
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As you know, the basic unit of the kidneys is nephron, which is in charge of filtering metabolic wastes in the blood. Each nephron is made of a renal corpuscle and a tubule. Maybe you are not familiar with these terms, but I guess you know glomerulus. In fact, glomerulus is a part of renal corpuscle. When people are told that they have developed kidney disease, actually it means that glomerulus or/and renal tubules is damaged by some reasons, say high blood pressure, high blood sugar, deposition of immune complex, etc. And this damage actually works on renal functional cells in glomerulus and renal tubules. As a result, some renal functional cells are impaired and some are sclerosed (dead). In this case, wastes like creatinine, uric acid, BUN, etc cannot be filtered out. In addition, some renal cells cannot secrete necessary substances as usual, for example, erythropoietin. Without insufficient erythropoietin, people will develop anemia.
From above, we can conclude that the root cause of renal failureis damage or sclerosis of renal functional cells.
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Introduction of Chinese therapy
Then I am going to tell you how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant focus on solving root cause of renal failureand therefore can improve kidney function.
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy refers to Chinese herb medicine plus a new technology. It is not an oral medicine but an external one. Chinese herbs are shattered and then permeated into renal lesions with the help of an osmosis device and penetrant. Ingredients of this medicine firstly can clear up the blood by doing with inflammation and coagulation in the blood as well as degrading extra cellular matrixes formed by sclerosed renal functional cells. Meanwhile, some herb medicines stimulate the damaged renal functional cells to self repair and provide necessary materials of self-repairing. As renal functional cells repair, kidney function is improved. Besides, some herbs have effect in lowering blood pressure, relieving anemia and edema and improving immunity. In this case, when people are using Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, they don’t have to take lots of oral medicines.
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As to Stem Cell Transplant, it mainly has two functions. One is that stem cells can differentiate into renal functional cells of nephrons to replace those sclerosed ones and therefore improve the kidney function. The other is that they can improve anemia by transfusing hemopoietic stem cells into the human bodies.
Therefore, both of these treatments focus on solving the root cause of kidney disease, namely repairing renal functional cells of nephrons.

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