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How to Deal With 5% Kidney Function

Kidney function can reflect how well the kidneys are working. Residual 5% kidney function means the kidneys are working extremely abnormal. It is necessary and correct to take treatment immediately.
What are the current treatments?
Kidneys mainly are responsible for the excretion of toxins and wastes in the blood. With only 5% kidney functions, the kidneys cannot work effectively as normal, just like the work which should be done by 100 people is ordered to be done only by 5 people. This insufficient work results in accumulation of many toxins and wastes. The evaluated creatinine level is an example. And the heavily building up of those toxins and wastes is able to bring a series of consequences, such as vomiting, nausea, fatigue, pale face and so on.
What Therapy Can Improve Chronic Kidney Failure with 15% Renal Function
To solve the adverse effects, there are two main treatments to be chosen, one is dialysis and the other is transplant. Each of these current methods cannot solve the problem effectively. Dialysis is only to take place the excretory function of kidneys but kidneys do not only have such functions, they can also regulate the balance of electrolyte, secrete some hormones, and reabsorb some substances, however these functions cannot be achieved by dialysis. Transplant is also an option, but what you should keep in mind is that transplant is not to give you a normal kidney state as you have not got this disease. Some researches have shown that mostly transplanted kidney function is declining day by day and the final options may also dialysis or another transplant.
The other effective way to do with 5% kidney function
Can Kidney Function 11% Get Improved in Chronic Kidney Disease
Stem cells have self-renewing ability which means stem cells can regenerate mass of offspring that may have exactly the same characteristics as these original stem cells. In addition, stem cells also have the potential of differentiating into functional cells of various tissues. When infected into the body, they can regenerate new kidney cells to do the normal work of healthy kidney cells.
Micro-Chinese medicine can promote blood circulation and there are much nutrition which helps the growth and normal metabolism of cells. More blood supplied to kidney cells, more nutrition will be supplied. The more nutrition can not only help the residual kidney cells get away from damaged, and recover the damaged kidney, but also bring benefits to the birth and growth of new cells coming from stem cells.
What Treatment Can Change the Condition of Kidney Function about 14% in Stage 4 Kidney Disease
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