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Kidney Failure May Cause Bone Disease

Although kidney failure is not expected by patients with kidney disease, one must have a correct attitude towards this disease. It can cause many problems of health. Besides, patients should not ignore bone disease that kidney failure is likely to cause.
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An overview of bone
Bone is a necessary component for our body, it mainly has three functions: support the body and protect the organs; create red blood cells; store some minerals the body needs. Bone usually gives us the feeling of hard and strong like stones, but when under microscope, the bone is experiencing the breakdown of old bone and building of new bone. The two processes are going on at the same time, if not enough components are supplied, the bone will become weak.
Kidney failure may cause bone disease
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Calcium and phosphorus are two important minerals to bone. Kidneys are responsible to regulate their balance. When the new bone builds, some phosphorus is leaked into blood. Kidneys can remove phosphorus in normal state. When kidneys fail, they cannot remove phosphorus, resulting in its accumulation. Extra phosphorus will combine with calcium to form sharp crystal that will damage blood vessels. Long-term of extra phosphorus also can damage bone.
Kidneys can also produce calcitriol, a kind of hormone. With the help of this hormone, guts can absorb calcium coming from diet or other sources. When kidneys fail, calcitriol are not produced enough and the body will pull calcium out from bone to replace the absence of calcium. Without enough calcium for long time, bone is easy to become weak.
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The signs or symptoms of bone diseases are joint pain, bone pain, fracture. If you are a kidney patient and also have these symptoms, you should concern your bone. It is not right to pretend not seeing or ignoring them, the right thing is to consult your doctor or our expert. Any question, email me atkidneyservice@hotmail.com

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