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Can patients with Chronic Renal Failure Get Rid of Dialysis

Many patients with Chronic Renal Failure especially with End Stage of Renal Failure (ESRD) have a contradictory mind toward dialysis, for they fear that so long as they start to accept dialysis, they will not get rid of dialysis in their remaining life. Is that really the case in real life?
Although ESRD looks horrible, they really do not mean death, as well as do not imply that patients with ESRD cannot get rid of dialysis in their remaining life. With our hospital’s newest technology of Immunotherapy, many patients with Chronic Renal Failure or ESRD have gradually extended the interval of dialysis, and even some of them have finally gotten rid of dialysis.
Getting Rid Of Dialysis For Patient With Stage 5 Kidney Disease
Immunotherapy can not only help the patients with Chronic Renal Failure or ESRD solve their current diseases, this technology can also help the patients improve their body’s immunity so that patients can have a better body resistance ability in resisting against diseases.
Dialysis, as a common method in the treatment of patients with ESRD, is of vital importance in sustaining patients’ lives as well as in improving their life qualities. However, at the meanwhile, dialysis has a lot of disadvantages, such as expensive treatment costs, dialysis complications, dialysis disequilibrium syndrome, etc.
So, how do the patients with Chronic Renal Failure or ESRD get rid of dialysis? Immunotherapy has given many patients hope. While getting rid of dialysis is cannot imagined, Immunotherapy which focus on Micro-Chinese Medicine has showed its unique charm in comprehensive treatment of kidneys.
Is There Any Chance to Get Rid of Dialysis
Unlike dialysis which has none of functions in repairing the damaged kidneys and its functions, Immunotherapy, especially Micro-Chinese Medicine mainly has three functions, which respectively as activating blood and dissolving stasis, eliminating sedimentations, as well as repairing and regenerating new cells.
Specifically speaking, Micro-Chinese Medicine can not only provide essential substances for kidneys, but also it can degrade and remove various kinds of immune complexes and those excessive proliferated Extracellular Matrix(ECM) which are all deposited in the body part of kidneys.
After the removal of various wastes in kidneys, and with the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine in providing a nontoxic and clean renal internal environment, Micro-Chinese Medicine can activate the renal functions, as well as accelerate the metabolisms of kidneys so as to boost the regeneration and repair of the kidneys’ tissues as well as its functions.
Alternative Treatments to Get Rid Of Dialysis
Except the Micro-Chinese Medicine, Immunotherapy contains another edge tool---Blood Purification Technologies, which are different from dialysis in eliminating various molecular weight wastes and toxins in bodies, while dialysis can only remove the small molecular wastes or toxins in blood.
So we can see from above that Immunotherapy especially the Micro-Chinese Medicine can really make the patients with Chronic Renal Failure get rid of dialysis. Another exciting technology---Stem Cell Transplantation have also showed its applications in repairing and substitute renal necrotic cells. All of these technologies can be conducted in our hospital. If you are interested, please feel free to consult us.

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