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Newest Treatment for End-Stage Renal Failure

At renal failure stage, patients are usually put on dialysis. It seems that there is no better choice for them other than kidney transplant. But the truth is, not every patient is suitable for a kidney transplant and the best match of kidney donator is hard to be found. Concerns also rise from complications after transplantation with the application of anti-rejection medicines. Then, is there a safer way and a more effective therapy to improve kidney function, or even get rid of dialysis? The newest treatment for renal failure is here, that is, the combination of Stem Cell Transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.
What Therapy Can Improve Chronic Kidney Failure with 15% Renal Function
Our kidneys are made up of millions of nephrons. For patients with renal failure, there are three types of renal intrinsic cells: the impaired ones, which can be repaired with proper treatment; the dead ones, which are reversible; functional kidney units, which should be saved maximally.
In the treatment, Mico-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is more effective in repairing the injured kidney nephrons and avoiding further renal fibrosis:
With main functions of expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degeneration, Micro-Chinese Medicine can improve blood circulation, degenerate excellular matrix(ECM) and block inflammatory factors from further damaging the kidneys, therefore, more nutrients and blood can be supplied to the kidney lesions and evil factors can eliminated, thus accelerating the self-repairing process and blocking further renal fibrosis. As the substances of traditional Chinese medicine is shattered into particles and are penetrated into kidney lesions directly, so they can be easily absorbed by the kidneys and can be brought into full play.
Natural Chinese Treatments Gave New Life for Patients with Obstructed Renal Failure
The joint of stem cell transplant can regenerate new renal intrinsic cells and replace the dead ones. Compared with organ transplant, stem cells are much safer and are side-effect-free—as stem cells are at initial stage of division, the antigen on the surface of the stem cells are very low. As stem cells have strong self-replication and infinite proliferation potentials, they can differentiate into various types of renal intrinsic cells so as to replace the necrotic ones. Stem cells also have the function of regulating immunity and perform the function of reconstructing immunity through the intercellular action and inhibition of the proliferation of T cell and immune reaction.
With the two processes, further kidney deterioration can be blocked and kidney function can be improved to the uttermost.
Do I Only Wait to Death If I Get Renal Failure
However, the functioning of the two therapies still rely on the internal environment in the patients—if the kidneys are totally failed, there will be no room for stem cells and chinese medicines to perform their functions.Also the coexisted complications due to the disease itself at later time will be more dangerous. That's why every patient with renal failure should start treat their disease as early as possible.

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