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Treatment for Renal Cortical Cyst

A renal cortical cyst is a fluid-filled sac which develops in one or both kidneys. If you have a small kidney cysts that isn't causing you any problems. In fact, many people may go through their entire lives without ever knowing that they have a renal cyst. However, it doesn't mean that we will do nothing about renal cysts, in that case, the small renal cysts may grow quickly because of some factors, such as environmental factors or infections, the condition will become worse and worse and the final result may be the Renal Failure or Uremia we don't want to see. So early treatments is very important.-
Symptoms of a renal cortical cyst include pain in your back and abdomen and along your side between your ribs and hip, blood in urine, frequent urination, high blood pressure and fevers.
Can Kidney Cyst 4.2*3.5cm Get Reversed Without Surgery
As to the treatments, here we recommend you traditional Chinese medicine. And there are different ways , such as our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated bath and so on. The former is that we crush the effective prescriptions and the purpose is that these effective prescriptions can be released and mixed totally, and then with the help of penetrating agent and penetration equipment, we adopt external application. You put two bags of effective prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine onto your kidney area, and then the intermediate frequency current or ultrasonic will be used. So the whole process of treatment is very comfortable, just like massage. The latter is easier to be understood. We put the proper Chinese medicine into the bathing pool, also the penetration equipment is used here to promote the active materials of Chinese medicine to be absorbed by our body. Both of them are comfortable and the treatment effects are obvious.
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Both of these two therapies can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, expand blood vessels, improve the condition of ischemia and anoxia, lower blood pressure, eliminate the immune complex and so on.

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