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Is Ketosteril Effective in Reducing Creatinine

Recently more and more patients are consulting that whether Ketosteril is effective in reducing creatinine and urea nitrogen as well as in delaying the progress of Renal Failure. According to these questions, I will give some explanations.
The patients with Kidney Failure always are in a state of metabolic disorder of protein and amino acid. The medicine of Ketosteril can boost the synthesis of protein so enough amino acid could be produced. At the same time, Ketosteril can decrease the production of urea nitrogen. By those effects, Ketosteril can improve the imbalance state between nitrogen and amino acid; therefore, it can repair the kidneys in some degree as well as reduce the creatinine levels.
Important Tips For Reducing Creatinine Levels
Ketosteril is often used for patients whose GFR is lower than 25ml per minute, and the low-protein diet and Ketosteril are all recommended as an important measure in the treatment of kidney disease. While the patients have a low-protein diet, Ketosteril can provide enough nutrient substances for the kidneys so as to protect the epibiotic renal functions.
In fact, Ketosteril has the function of controlling creatinine and urea nitrogen in a short time. For the patients with renal failure, the combination of low-protein diet and this medicine are helpful to adjust the disorder of protein and amino acid metabolism, which can delay the progress of renal failure in a short period.
Foods To avoid For Reducing High Creatinine Level
At the early stage, the effect of Ketosteril is obvious, but together with the continuous aggravation of kidneys, the effect of this medicine will become less and less, the reason for which is due to the root course of high creatinine and urea nitrogen---the damaged kidneys and the decreasing renal functions.
If we want to reduce the creatinine level thoroughly, the only use of Ketosteril is far from enough. Only the damaged kidneys are repaired and its functions are restored, can the creatinine level reduce effectively.
The latest technology of Immunotherapy which includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood purification technology can not only eliminate different kinds of toxin and metabolic wastes in the body, but also they can repair the damaged kidneys as well as restore the renal functions. By means of those treatments, creatinine can be reduced from the root.
Reducing High Serum Creatinine Level By Blood Polluted Therapy
From the above we can get the conclusions that Ketosteril is really effective in reducing creatinine at the early stage of renal failure, however, it cannot solve the source of creatinine. If you are interested in our treatment method, contact us without hesitation.

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