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How Can We Decrease Serum Creatinine

Patients with kidney disease will be very anxious about the index of serum creatinine. Apparently it indicates the extent of kidney damage, and the value of serum creatinine directly determines whether they should take dialysis, so how important serum creatinine for patients seems obviously. However, creatinine is well known to be the product of muscular metabolism in human body and then excreted out of body by kidneys. To decrease serum creatinine can not only rely on dialysis, but also diet control.
Therefore, patient with high Creatinine should notice the diet.
ⅠDiet should include high quality protein.
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To eat high quality protein: Milk, eggs, fish and lean meat; however, reduce the intake of soy products and other plant protein. Reduce the vegetable protein which can aggravate the medical condition of the end stage Renal Failure. Taking wheat starch, corn starch and potato starch are the replacement for taking the rice and flour.
ⅡDiet should include adequate calories.
The diet must contain abundant calories, and the intake of calories should reach at 35 kilocalories in every kg weight. Insufficient calorie intake will lead to malnutrition, while too much calories will be the cause of such disease as hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerosis. Eat less sugar or fat, especially animal fat.
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ⅢDiet should include dietary fiber.
Dietary fiber can not only avoid constipation (refers to bowel movements that are infrequent and/or hard to pass), but also lower the volume of serum cholesterol and triglyceride. The quantity of 20g dietary fiber is the base line of human being’s need. Sweet potato, coarse grain (maize flour, buckwheat flour, oat meal, etc.), vegetables and fruits are all the foods that contain abundant fiber. The Renal Failure patients who are on dialysis eat 270g vegetable every day, which is equal to the intake of 20g dietary fiber.
ⅣDiet should include low potassium food.
The intake of banana, raisin, red dates, peach, apricot, rape, spinach, orange, tremella, edible mushroom and so on should be limited.
Ⅴ Keep the balance of water.
The patients with oliguria, high blood pressure or swelling should also control the intake of water, which should be no more than the output of the urine in the day before.
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Ⅵ Low salt diet
The patients with severe high blood pressure, swelling or high blood sodium should control the intake of sodium, which is no more than 3g per day.
Ⅶ Vitamin supplements
The patients with Chronic Renal Failure should have some Vitamin, because many Chronic Renal Failure patients are accompanied by bad digestion or absorption, which causes body metabolism to be unsatisfied only by food.
Rational diet can decrease the production of waste and toxin, which can lower the kidney burden. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me by MSN:  kidneyservice@hotmail.com.

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