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Can Chronic nephritis drink green tea?

Hello: You can drink! Green tea Eight, anti-aging Green tea contains antioxidants help fight aging. Because the process of human metabolism, peroxide will produce large amounts of free radicals, easy to aging, also cause cell injury. SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a free radical scavenger, can effectively remove excess free radicals, prevent free radical damage to the human body. Catechins in green tea can significantly improve the activity of SOD, scavenging free radicals. 2, antibacterial research shows that the inhibitory effect of green tea catechins on the part of the bacteria to cause human disease, and will not harm the intestines? Beneficial bacteria multiply, so green tea have Zhengchangsheng functionality. 3, hypolipidemic scientists do animal experiments show that catechins in tea can reduce plasma total cholesterol, free cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride amount? Can increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol . The experiments show that of the human body, to inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis. Green tea contains flavonols, antioxidant, can prevent blood clots and platelet clumping, reducing cardiovascular disease. Thin reduced fat green tea contains theophylline and caffeine, by the many roles activated protein kinase and triglyceride lipase to reduce the accumulation of fat cells, so to obesity. 5, anti-caries, clear bad breath green tea contains fluoride, which catechins can inhibit cariogenic bacteria and reduce the incidence of dental plaque and periodontitis. Tea contains tannic acid, has a bactericidal effect, crumbs of food residue to prevent the growth of bacteria, it can effectively prevent bad breath. 6, anti-cancer green tea for some cancer inhibition, but its principles are limited inferences stage. Occurrence of anti-cancer, more tea is necessarily positive encouragement. 7, whitening and UV protection role experts in animal experiments found that green tea catechins resistant to UV-B induced skin cancer. 8, can improve indigestion recent research report shows that green tea can help to improve the situation of indigestion, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria, can drink a little green tea to alleviate the condition.

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