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My son have any disease IGA nephritis

My son have any disease IGA nephritis
Health counseling description:
Experts: Hello! My son just turned 3 years old on December 25 last year, due to his frequent urination urine checked a result, RBC 2 +, the other without. Since He looked at a number of hospitals. The General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region, experts say thin basement membrane nephritis may IGA nephritis. Let us each week to do urine routine observation. Another hospital urine inaccurate results, done several inspections be done urinary sediment (after centrifugation per high power field in the number of red blood cells), about 50% less than the normal range of 5 50% more than 5, the red blood cell morphology and sometimes about 40%, sometimes 30% -40%. 4-5 months to do three times the 24-hour urine calcium, 24-hour urine protein, the hypercalciuria said that the 24-hour urine backbone diagnosis of idiopathic hypercalciuria and medicine - Dual grams. Because other doctors idiopathic hypercalciuria red blood cell morphology should be uniform shape, should not multiforme shaped contradictory. So they did not dare to give a child medication. Have been observed so far, I do not know that the child is in the end what disease, very worried. You idiopathic hypercalciuria? Or other nephritis? Because children father is FSGS nephritis, the child grandmother also nephritis (hematuria and proteinuria) We have been worried that will not genetic. From time to time will check urine urine until October last year, the children are normal routine. Please help diagnosis, waiting for your answer, thank you!
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, now the results of laboratory tests is not enough as a clinical diagnosis, not enough indicators, but the child is the abnormal indicators, you still have to check with the doctor, regularly reviewed. In addition kidney disease is a genetic factor.
Kidney patients: Do you think that the red blood cell morphology of idiopathic hypercalciuria should be uniform shape and should not multiforme shaped? After centrifugation, the normal range is less than 5 per high-power field the number of red blood cells, it? Or 3 below it? Please help, thank you!
Nephrotic Doctor: Hello hypercalciuria, urinary calcium excretion increased significantly, daily urinary calcium> 01mmol/kg no clear cause normocalcemic called idiopathic hypercalciuria. Mostly microscopic hematuria patients with gross hematuria, recurrent, and may be associated with urinary tract stones. Urine Ca / Cr> 0.21, the 24-hour urine calcium> 0.1mmol/mg can be diagnosed, and for calcium load test distinguish nephropathy and intestinal absorptive. And
Kidney patients: experts: Hello! Check the 24-hour urinary calcium and urinary backbone, you need three days in advance can not drink milk? 3 days in advance do not drink milk check, but not forbidden to drink milk check result is not normal, or idiopathic hypercalciuria it? Here are the most recent inspection report. CA2.90MMOL/LU-CRE8702UMOL/L pediatric weight: 16KGS urine volume: 220ML Will the results normal? How is this calculated? Another: the number of red blood cells after centrifugal 1-6/HP multiforme type about 30% -40% (of the renal hematuria?)
Three days before the nephrotic Doctor: Hello, 24-hour urinary calcium in urine muscle stem checks should avoid eating high calcium and protein foods, to prevent the impact of inspection results. If three days ahead of normal, do not drink milk check without forbidden to drink milk check result is not normal, generally can not be diagnosed as idiopathic hypercalciuria, but also can not be ruled out. These results may be preliminary diagnosis of hypercalciuria, 24-hour urine output less than normal. The urinary sediment not yet red blood cells derived from the kidney. Calculation method, please refer to the above answer.
Nephropathy patients: Hello! Checked several urinary sediment in the General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Region. The red blood cells results: over 110,000 30000 shaped shadow red over 60,000 shaped over 30,000 over 60,000 shaped shaped type tube. Single laboratory report did not specify in detail what percentage shaped red blood cells. Heard of the Military General Hospital of test results are accurate. If this is the case, there may be idiopathic hypercalciuria? Child after another three days ago back broke two Xiaoqing spot, penny size. Back (15 days ago livedo 1 dollar coin size, about a week after it disappeared.) You will anaphylactoid purpura?
Kidney disease doctors: Hello, what nephritis well established body ecchymosis alone can not determine is allergic purpura.
Kidney patients: Thank you for your reply. But before answering the first two questions, could you please nephrology experts answer the first question. The local doctor is no clear diagnosis, so only consult online experts. Thank you.
Nephrotic doctors: do not rule out the possibility of idiopathic hypercalciuria.
Nephropathy patients: Hello! Will the anemia how to make up to do? Thank you!
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: You can be referred to as follows: the most common anemia is iron deficiency anemia. The iron manufacture of heme necessary minerals, if you do not get enough iron, the red blood cells will be reduced. Iron deficiency is due to the long-term blood loss, lack of iron in the diet, the intestinal absorption of iron diminished capacity, or pregnancy-related causes body caused by the need to increase iron. Patients with iron deficiency anemia and a lot of the world's most popular and nutrition-related diseases. Iron deficiency anemia occurs, the patient is pale, generally still feel fatigue, weakness, legs heavy like filling the lead Similarly, dizziness, asthma, heart palpitations, listlessness, tinnitus, often feel poor appetite, nausea. Iron supplementation is the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in the most basic way, symptoms of oral iron. But too much iron supplements, liver and other organs of the iron is too saturated, can lead to disease. So, the best way to the iron through diet, food therapy. The iron-rich animal liver, kidney; followed by lean meat, egg yolk, chicken, fish, shrimp and beans. Iron in green leafy vegetables, alfalfa, spinach, celery, rape, amaranth, shepherd's purse, day lily, tomato. Fruits, apricots, peaches, plums, raisins, dates, cherries and other iron more, dried fruit, walnuts, and other issues such as kelp, brown sugar, sesame contains iron. In addition, parents in particular should pay attention to the injury of anemia girls, because they often go on a diet, resulting not adequate iron intake.

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