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To have the mild thin film proliferative IJA nephrotic how governance life should pay attention to what?

Health counseling description:
The fine mild mesangial proliferative the IJA nephropathy is what nephropathy daily work and life should pay attention to what this disease can be cured good treatment for this?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, this disease is characterized by recurrent eye and (or) continuous microscopic hematuria establish the diagnosis depends on mesangial IgA deposition. The most common cause of recurrent glomerular hematuria is IgA kidney disease, is also the most common glomerular disease in China. There are currently no special treatment. The main treatment for this disease: (1) positive control hypertension; ② avoid loss of kidney drug; ③ infection, if any, should be immediately given treatment control. Life, pay attention to the regular diet, proper physical exercise.

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