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The IGA nephropathy patients are anxious for answer.

Health counseling description:
Investigation in June 2003 suffering from chronic nephritis (backbone 130, urine protein, occult blood), July renal biopsy: visible 16 glomeruli, 3 small balls sclerosis, small ball Pao sac irregular growth thick, 2 small ball balloon adhesions, the rest of the glomerular lesions to diffuse mesangial moderate hyperplasia, severe hyperplasia with 3 balls segmental segmental endothelial cells in pairs and small amount of inflammatory cell infiltration, mesangial matrix moderate increase. Renal interstitial focal fibrosis, hardening around the ball and interstitial focal lymphocyte infiltration of mononuclear cells, tubular small focal atrophy, individual small vessel wall thickening. ECT: filtration rate 78 diagnosis: the IGA nephritis (mesangial proliferative with global sclerosis) taking the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (one daily) western medicine (MMF, Lotensin, Cozaar, calcium child odd, prednisone ) backbone 100 negative urine protein, occult blood ---- now changed medicine every two days a MMF day one, prednisone was reduced to a daily one, was replaced by the United States drow every two day three, okay? effect of this treatment and prognosis?
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello, this drug is a good drug for chronic diseases should be actively treated. Chronic nephritis prognosis, and are very different due to the chronic nephritis variety of different types of root disease. Generally speaking, the poor prognosis of hypertension-common type of acute onset prognosis is good, but if the latter two types of the presence of hypertension and renal dysfunction, the prognosis is not good. Factors affecting the prognosis of chronic nephritis: (1) pathological factors: (1) pathological types: mild mesangial glomerulonephritis good prognosis, severe mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis and membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis poor prognosis; membranous nephropathy good prognosis, progress has been slow. (2) chronic indicators: fibrous crescents number, the number of glomerulosclerosis, interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy and how much related to prognosis. These indicators is more, the worse the prognosis. ③ severe lesions of renal vascular disease with poor prognosis. (2) The clinical manifestations: ① persistence massive proteinuria and persistent hematuria, renal function deterioration faster; ② high blood pressure and can not control, and renal dysfunction and poor prognosis; signs ③ tubulointerstitial damage such as renal anemia, nocturia increased renal loss of sodium, Fanconi syndrome, renal tubular acidosis, obviously a poor prognosis. (3) dietary factors: the high-protein diet can accelerate the development of chronic nephritis disease
Kidney patients: Thank you for your timely reply, thank you! Lot of information, so write, but I feel that the total is still not clear how much the current technology, the satisfaction of the rehabilitation such as kidney damage is not there more good law other, the day before yesterday to the doctor, the doctor said that my poor diet (high uric acid) can specifically talk about the place you want to pay attention! Thank you!!!
Nephropathy doctors: rehabilitation or treatment method can, pay attention to eating meat can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as long as the active treatment is well controlled.

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