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Nephropathy development

Health counseling description:
Will the doctor: my mom this year, 63-year-old, 20-year history of hypertension, is now the development of kidney disease, serum creatinine 130, urea nitrogen, urine protein + usual medication: ** given, Cozaar, Shenshuaining etc.; diet: In the morning, even lotus flour, 2 two of the lunch, dinner, wheat starch, dish - pork or fish twenty-two less, plus vegetables do not control (do not eat soy products), a bottle of milk, eggs a. Month hospital urine, the blood test. Usually do not do housework, I would like to ask what needs to be done? If the long-term, the shortest time my mom to dialysis, the longest to have much time? Thank you!
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, low-salt diet, now basically feasible. Checked regularly. Serum creatinine 130, urea nitrogen, urine protein a + is not heavy, active control can control good, do not have the ideological burden .

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