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Nephrotic syndrome with traditional Chinese medicine

Health counseling description:
My child was nine years old, suffering from nephrotic syndrome, hormone therapy, sensitive, active hormone has been eight months, the urine tests have been normal. I ask you: how the treatment effect in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine, with what Chinese medicine effect? Now with Liu Wei Di Huang Wan how?
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello, what treatment should be medical advice, to provide some methods for reference. Nephrotic syndrome TCM can be divided into four types are briefly described as follows: (1) spleen qi deficiency, stopping water wet Main symptoms: swollen limbs less urination, pale complexion, less gas fatigue, listlessness, eat less satisfied stay, waist acid sleepy, tongue pale, tender or scalloped edges, greasy moss or white slip, slow and weak pulse. Governing Law: spleen and kidney, Lee water dampness. The Recipe: flavored Buzhongyiqitang. Astragalus 40g, Codonopsis 20g, Atractylodes 30g, tangerine peel 10g, Chai Hu 10g, angelica 15g, the Morinda 20g, Dodder 2 0g, Poria 15g, plantain seed 30g, melon skin 30g Zhigancao 6g. (2) spleen deficiency, moisture resistance Main symptoms: edema and even more, mainly lower limb low back or ascites, pleural effusion, urination, pale, cold limbs, poor appetite and indigestion, loose stools thin, pale tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse. Governing Law: Warming spleen and kidney, Lee water swelling. Recipe: Modified Zhen Wu Tang. Cooked Monkshood 12g, Poria 30g, Atractylodes 20g, peony root 10g, 10 g of ginger, leather, orange peel 10g, Dafu Pi 20g, Alisma 15g. (3) the liver and kidney, heat nostalgia Main symptoms: facial or leg edema, difficult urination, weak waist, dizziness, ringing in the ears, less sleep soundly upset when hair sore throat, throat dry mouth, constipation, red tongue, thin greasy or thin yellow pulse string breakdown. Governing Law: nourish liver and kidney, heat and dampness. Recipe: Modified ZDP. Anemarrhena 15g, Cork 10g, habitat 30g, the cornus 10g, paeonol 15g, Alisma 10g, Poria 20g, Polyporus 10g, plantain seed 30g, the Zeeland 30g, Baked Licorice 6g. (4) stasis water transimpedance Main symptoms: oliguria, edema, swarthy, lips and skin petechiae or ecchymosis, low back pain, such as thorns, take root, rough skin, or see anorexia Pan evil, dark purple tongue or petechia, pulse string or astringent. Governing Law: blood circulation, diuresis dehumidification. Recipe the: Modified Taohongsiwu soup. Peach kernel 15g, safflower 15g, angelica 10g, red peony root 10g Chuanxiong 10g, leeches 6g, Zeeland 1 5g, the motherwort 30g, plantain seed 15g.

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