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Two kidney stones

Health counseling description:
My dad this year 48-year-old recent check suffering from double kidney stones, size 0.5 * 0.5mm often lumbago eaten some medicine, but also did not play down, I ask what good treatment and effective medicine?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: symptoms based on what you said, the stones are not great, is considering taking medication, you can take a row of stone granules or taking medicine row of stone Obviously! Usually should drink plenty of water, proper exercise, often a run, should soon be able to send down! The purpose of the treatment of kidney stones, not only to relieve pain, protect kidney function, as far as possible to locate and lift the cause, and to prevent the recurrence of stones. General treatment, the cause of treatment, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, endoscopic stone dissolution therapy, surgical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and Prey therapy and other treatment should include comprehensive measures. General treatment, including a lot of water and acupuncture. Should be possible to maintain the daily urine output in 2000? 3000 ml, drink lots of water with the diuretic antispasmodic drugs, can contribute to a small urinary stones discharged. In order to keep the urine at night, except bedtime drinking water at night to get up after urination should then drinking water. Diluted urine can slow down the speed of stone growth and recurrence of stones after surgery. Infection, the more the amount of urine can promote drainage, conducive to infection control. The water may exacerbate renal colic, colic, such as acupuncture and antispasmodic drugs can help to discharge stones. Such as small stones, patients in good health, and sports activities can be used, and can be applied traditional Chinese medicines and to facilitate the stones themselves discharge. Over the past decade have seen a breakthrough in the treatment of kidney stones, now commonly used treatment to extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and endourology, only a small number of cases treated by surgery.

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