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The Glomerulonephritis how to prevent colds

Health counseling description:
Patients suffering from glomerulonephritis Lu underwent one year, the urine protein + +, and other laboratory indexes normal. Frequent colds sneezing. Runny nose. Sore throat and other symptoms, and ask how drug prevention, what drugs? Thank you.
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, prevent infection: enhance the environmental and personal hygiene precautions to keep the room clean and well-ventilated, daily ultraviolet disinfection. Life care to promote the physical and mental rest: renal hypertension should be regularly measured blood pressure, according to the increase in blood pressure, changes in bed rest time. 2, reasonable diet: the diet should be based on the circumstances of each disease in patients with specific dietary guidance, such as renal insufficiency, the intake of high calorie (sugar-based), high-quality low-protein diet, the extent of the amount of fluid maintaining water balance. 3, pay attention to oral care: sooner or later, and postprandial mouth, keep the mouth clean, remove bad breath, nausea reduction, to prevent bacteria and mold students 4 strengthen skin care: do patients with chronic renal failure, skin care, prevention of skin infections , an important work of bedsores and related complications, uremic frost deposition on skin irritation, patients often itching and discomfort, and the impact of sleep and scratch the skin vulnerable to infection, it should wash with warm water and scrub, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol. Frequently changes the underwear, blankets. Patients with severe edema, but also should pay attention to protect the skin, is changed frequently prone position, massage pressure areas, to prevent bedsores.
Kidney patients: Can strengthening the immune system drugs, which drug is better.
The kidney specialists: Hello: You can use drugs to enhance the immune system, it is recommended to use the immunoglobulin.
Kidney patients: a check today: normal laboratory lgG.A.MC3C4. Normal renal function. Normal liver function. RT normal blood, urine RT: protein + +. 35-year-old patient. Female, had stopped the medication a month, and now should be how to treat. Thank you
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: usually to drink plenty of water, proper exercise can.
Kidney patients: has Chinese and Western medicine treatment for three years, this situation can stop medication
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello, length of the disease condition, may be two or three decades, they still want to check and periodic review. Adjustment of drugs and diet therapy and exercise under the circumstances.

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