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Hydronephrosis into uremia it?

Health counseling description:
I'm in the hospital b ultrasound for soft reduction hydrocephalus doctor said traditional Chinese medicine for the kidney, saying so on? Should be treated?
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: the Chinese dialectical general check against human systemic symptoms can be diagnosed with kidney. A variety of causes hydronephrosis, ureteropelvic junction obstruction. Long hydronephrosis caused by obstruction, will eventually lead to kidney function gradually diminishes. Partial obstruction of the of bilateral kidney or solitary kidney anuria can occur, resulting in renal failure.
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor, I use some medicine TCM let me eat anti-inflammatory drugs and Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, which can do it
The kidney doctor replied: Hello, Chinese medicine can be used. Regularly check the medication according to the specific circumstances of the disease.

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