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Can Diet Therapy Help Patients Decrease Creatinine Level

Nearly all patients with Kidney Failure are concerning about one problem that whether diet therapy can help them decrease high creatinine (serum creatinine) level. In other words, what they eat will help decrease creatinine level. To figure out this problem, we should know how the creatinine produces first.

How Does the Creatinine Produce?

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Creatinine mainly comes from the muscle metabolites, which means creatinine is the product of body muscle metabolism. A small amount of creatinine comes from food what we eat, especially meat.

Why Should Patients with Kidney Failure Decrease High Creatinine Level?

As above mentioned, creatinine is the metabolin. It means that creatinine is the waste product and toxin. High level of creatinine, to some extent, indicates the deposition of too much waste or toxin in blood.

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Normally, creatinine can be removed from body through glomeruli along with the urine. However, the kidneys of patients with Kidney Failure fail to discharge creatinine due to the severe kidney impairment. In this condition, patients are always seeking effective methods to decrease high creatinine level. Hence, patients wonder whether diet therapy can help decrease this level.

Can Diet Therapy Help Decrease High Creatinine Level?

As above mentioned, a small creatinine comes from food we eat. That is to say whatever we eat will produce waste and then cause the increase of creatinine. We can say that less creatinine will be produced after patients eat vegetables, while relatively more creatinine will be produced after patients eat meat.

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We can see diet therapy cannot help decrease high creatinine level fundamentally. However, they can take food that produce less creatinine. What really counts is that patients with Kidney Failure should make their damaged kidneys treated. And then high creatinine level will decrease accordingly.

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