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At What Creatinine Level do You Normally Start Dialysis

As for the question of what creatinine level do you need to start dialysis, many patients with ESRD are concerned. There is really no absolute criteria for starting dialysis at a certain creatinine level. It should be jointed determined by patients, their family and doctors according to the patient's specific conditions.
As you know that the normal creatinine levels are 0.6~1.2 mg/dl in adult males and 0.5~1.0 mg/dl in adult women. If the person is born with only with one kidney, his or her normal creatinine level is about 1.8~1.9 mg/dl. For the new infants, the normal creatinine level is about 0.2 mg/dl. Generally speaking, if the creatinine level reaches 2.0 mg/dl in infants and 5mg/dl in adult patients, they are recommended to start dialysis.
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However, creatinine level is only a factor in the determination of when to start a dialysis, there are also many other factors that should be considered. If the patients have serious complications such as anemia, vomit, nausea and so on, they may start dialysis at an earlier time even they have not reached to that dialysis standard. Take Diabetes as an example, if Renal Failure is caused by Diabetes, the patients should start dialysis earlier because the patients are easily complicated with a series of complications,while their creatinine level at this time can not reflect their disease condition very well.
At What Creatinine Level Does Someone Usually Have to Start Dialysis
On the contrary, if the patient reaches to the dialysis norm, but he or she has a good control of the diet, and this patient has no obvious symptoms of ESRD. And moreover, if the patient has a stable blood pressure and there are no obvious cardiovascular complications, anemia and other symptoms, in this condition, this patient can still further his or her non-dialysis treatment rather than hurrying to do dialysis.
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In recent years, with the medicine and treatmentdevelopment, it is possible for the patients to avoid dialysis if they can receive proper treatment in time.This dream has become true in our hospital., may our hospital can help you.

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