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Stages of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

 Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a kind of hereditary kidney disease,so most patients were born with this disease. Lots of patients may not have any discomforts, when the cysts have not grown to comparatively large sizes, however, without timely and effective treatment for the controlling of cysts, PKD will gradually develop into uremia or End Stage Renal Failure. Therefore, have a knowledge of development of PKD is necessary for the patients. In the following, this article will list the stages of PKD, and some treatment methods in different stages.
The Stages of PKD can be divided into five stages:
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I. Occurrence Stage:Before the age of 20 for the patients with PKD, the size of cysts are usually too small to be examined. And some patients lower their guard against it, and when they go to hospital due to some abnormal symptoms (hematuria, severe lower backache, hypertension, etc), the disease has been extremely severe. Therefore, if there are PKD cases in family, it is suggested people should take examinations regularly, in order to detect the cysts as early as possible and observe the development of them.
II. Growth Stage: During the age of 30s~40s, the cysts of the patients with PKD may develop very fast. Medically, we call this period as growth period. This stage is a crucial period to treat the disease. As the cysts have not developed into large size, with aggressive treatment (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy), we can stop or stave off the development of cyst.
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III. Swollen Stage: Without effective treatment in early stage, when the patients have been 40 years old, generally the size of cysts will surpass 4cm at least. Before ulceration, this stage is called swollen stage. In this stage, a series of clinical symptoms will occur, such as backache, albuminuria, hematuria, high blood pressure and so on. However, with effective integration therapy of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, the disease development can be still controlled.
VI. Rupture Stage: In the course of development, once affected by various factors (infections, acute diseases, wound, etc), the cysts may get ruptured. In that case, patients have to be hospitalized immediately in order to aggressively prevent deterioration and cysts infections. In this stage, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy alone can hardly bring obvious effects, Stem Cell Transplant should be take into consideration. Or it may arouse sepsis and acute decline of renal function, which are quite severe to threaten lives.
V. Uremia Stage: This is the end stage of most kidney disease. As to patients with PKD, in this stage, the cysts have grown extremely large, lots of patients have swollen abdomen due to the large size of kidneys which have been surrounded with a mint of cysts. In addition, the cysts may have spread into other organs, such as livers, lung, ovarium, and so on.
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From the introduction of the stages of Polycystic Kidney Disease above, we can find that grasping the opportunities for the treatment is very crucial for the patients. If allowing the cysts develops, when the disease develops into Uremia or End Stage Renal Failure, it would be too late to regret. If you would like to know more about PKD or its treatments, please contact with the 24-hour consultant on line, he will be pleasant and specifically answer your questions and give you suggesions.

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