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Symptoms of Renal Cysts

Renal cyst is a collective name for the cystic mass in the kidney, which are in different sizes without connections to outside. The cysts may only at one side of the kidney, or both sides are involved. Along with the development of disease, the cysts will grow gradually until get ruptured. Renal cysts will bring considerable damage to the kidney, and if the cysts are not effectively treated, the disease may even deteriorate into renal failure. Besides, the cysts may also spread to other organs, such as liver, lung, ovaries for females, etc. when the cysts are small, the symptoms may be too mild to attract attention. With the development, the symptoms of renal cysts will become obvious.
The main symptoms of renal cysts are;
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I Hematuria: Hematuria refers to that there are blood red cells contained in urine. The patients will present with gross hematuria (observe urine color presenting red with naked eyes) or microscopic hematuria (observe the existence of blood red cells in urine with microscope). The onset of hematuria displays circles. Once attacked, the patients will have severe backache, and violent activity, wound, infections may make the condition worse.
II Decline of Renal Functions: Due to the oppression given by cysts, the renal resident cells and tissues are squeezed, consequently, it contributes to the progressive decline of renal functions. When the cysts have developed into a certain degree, the patients will feel obvious abdominal mass, accordingly, the size of kidney will be also enlarged. Generally, renal function is inversely proportional to the size of enlarged kidney.
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III Hypertension: Hypertension is one of the common complications of Renal Cyst. Before obvious symptoms of kidney damages, more than 50% patients have present with high blood pressure. Along with the decline of renal function, the morbid of hypertension rises simultaneously.
IV Proteinuria: Compared with other kinds of kidney diseases, patients with Renal Cysts only have a small amount of proteinuria (≦2g/24h). And nephritic syndrome is rarely seen among these patients.
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V Lower Backache: The patients may have dull pain at the back, which is caused by the stretch of enlarged kidney and cysts. If the patients get infections or the cysts get ruptured and bleeding, the pain will aggravate. Moreover, the cysts bleeding may form clotted blood, which may cause urinary tract obstruction, and then the patients will be attacked by renal colic.
As the early symptoms of mild Renal Cysts are seem to be latent, it is suggested for people to have regular examinations in hospital, in order to detect the healthy risks as early as possible. Once having abnormal symptoms go to hospital immediately, or it the disease deteriorate, it will make the treatment harder, or even threaten lives!

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