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Causes and Treatment for Oliguria or Anuria in Renal Failure

Renal Failure patients often see the phenomenon of Oliguria and Anuria, so they want to know the treatment for them.I would like to help these kidney failure patients solve the problem ofoliguria and anuria(Do You Know Oliguria Renal Failure).oliguria or anuria treament in kidney failure
What is Oliguria and Anuria?
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In normal cases, if the urine output within 24 hours is less than 400ml, or the urine amount per hour is less than 17ml, then this is called Oliguria. When the 24-hour urine is less than 100ml, or there is completely no urine within 12 hours, this case is called Anuria. Whether it is oliguirira or anuria(Does No Urine Output Mean Kidney Failure), if it is lasting for over one day, it should be treated in a short time.
Oliguria and Anuria Causes in Renal Failure
Causes for Oliguria and Anuria are various,but they are often in patients with kidney failure. When either oliguira or anuria happens, the body wastes and toxins surely are unable to be removed out of the body along with urine, thus leading to the accumulation of uremic toxins in the body. So we can Oliguiria and Anuira are the apparent symptoms of Renal Failure.
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Besides kidney failure, other reasons are also responsible for oliguria and anuria, for example, theses reasons also include shock, bleeding, hepatorenal syndrome, pancreatitis and ichorrhemia and blockage of urinary tract, etc. One thing that needs attention is that not all the patients with renal failure has the oliguiria or anuria(Is Oliguria (Less Urine Output) or Anuria (No Urine Output) Connected with Renal Failure?). There are considerable patients with ESRD still have urine output over 500ml. So do not think the kidneys are OK when the urine amount is normal.
Treatment for Oliguria and Anuria
Oliguria and Anuria should be quickly treated because the hyperkalemia and acidosis led by oliguria or anuria in renal failure patients could cause the sudden death in these patients.
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Treatments for oliguria and anuria in kidney failure patients should be made according to the specific underlying reasons while general treatment should be done at the same time including correcting the disorder of electrolyte and imbalance of acid-base. If there are symptoms or complications for renal failure patients, such as heart failure, infection or hypertension, treatment should be done as well. if oliguira and anuria are caused by the kidney damages, repair the kidney and renal function is necessary.

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