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Is High Creatinine Level in Blood Dangerous

Creatinine is a widely applied lab test performed among kidney disease patients to reflect the function of the kidneys. Creatinine is metabolized from muscle metabolism. Every 20g muscle can produce 1 mg creatinine. Creatinine production is steady and proportional to muscle mass. However, in some conditions, one may experience elevated serum creatinine level. Well then, what is the reason for the high serum creatinine? Should it be treated? It is dangerous?
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Creatinine normally is removed by renal filters and is determined by renal serum creatinine clearance rate. Chronic kidney failure leads to injury to healthy renal tissues further contributing to reduction of kidney filtration function. The only condition that can cause significant elevation of serum creatinine level is severe injury to the kidneys. Creatinine level increases when at least half of functioning nephrons are lost or necrotic. Normal serum creatinine level in adult females is 0.7-1.3md/dl, and 0.6-1.2 mg/dl in adult males. Serum creatinine level together with Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) can tell your stage of chronic kidney failure. For instance, serum creatinine 2.1-5.0mg/dl in blood together with GFR30-59 is stage 3 chronic kidney failure, while creatinine 15-29 is stage 4 chronic kidney failure. Creatinine level keeps on rising with renal function declining. The higher your creatinine level is, the severe it is your kidney injury will be. If left untreated, renal condition continues worsening until end-stage kidney failure.
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A patient may feel well with a slight serum creatinine elevation, but as serum creatinine is increasing, the patient will experience vomiting, nausea, poor appetite, headache, stomach or even uremic pericarditis. High serum creatinine is a dangerous warning sign for the patient. But if the patient can treat their lesioned kidneys and protect their residual kidney function at early time when creatinine begins rising, you can have the chance to stop kidney failing and greatly improve the prognosis.
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What is the nursing care and treatment for high serum creatinine? How to reduce the risks from rising creatinine? If you need any of related information, you may email us directly at:kidneyservice@hotmail.com , or consult experts online immediately.

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