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Why Can You Find Treatments to Get Rid of Dialysis in China

As science develops, equipment in dialysis has been improved a lot and the quality of patients’ life has been elevated. Even some of them can live on dialysis for more than twenty years, which make many people believe that dialysis can maintain their lives and there is no need to seek for other treatments. They are surprised and unbelieving at so many hospitals researching treatments to get rid of dialysis in China. They can not help asking why treatments to abandon dialysis can be found in China, though most scholars in other counties are sure that there is no other treatment besides dialysis and kidney transplant in treating Kidney Diseases.
Chinese patients with Kidney Diseases more urgent to get rid of dialysis
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If you are surfing on internet, you will find much information about Chinese people who desire for help of finance or treatments. Although Chinese economy have developed a lot, the medical insurance system is still not perfect and has not covered all area of China, so most Chinese people have to pay for their medical expenses. As for dialysis, it takes about five hundred RMB every time in China. Patients with the End Stage Kidney Failure or Uremia usually have to receive dialysis three times a week, so the total cost will be up to six thousand RMB one month, which can not be afforded by most Chinese people of middle class, not to mention the poorer ones. There are so many families involved in endless pain and heavy financial problems, unlike people in other countries where government and insurance companies will take all the cost of dialysis. The same goes to kidney transplant. Most Chinese people will not go to hospital unless they are unable to bear the pain of diseases. That is why once diagnosed, Kidney diseases has been at late stages. There is no time and money to take kidney transplant timely. Thus they are more desired to find other treatments to avoid or get rid of physical pain as well as dialysis.
The Chinese believe in Chinese traditional medicines, though they are not adopted in other countries
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China is the birthplace of Chinese traditional medicines. As an old Chinese saying goes, the truth comes from practices. In thousands of years, Chinese doctors have summarized much medical experience in their clinical practices. It seems a principle that the Chinese believe the experience of doctors while people in other countries rely more on the skills of doctors. The two branches of medical science own their advantages and they can not replace each other. Western medical science indeed make great break though in surgical operations. On the contrary, Chinese traditional medicines are good at medical diseases, especially the immune disorders. Different from other helpless treatments, Chinese traditional medicines can guard against the diseases though enhancing immune system. The problems in glumeruli are unable to be treated in surgeries and they may be worsened by other medicines for chemical incompatibility, while pure effective herbal medicines in Chinese traditional medicines can treat those diseases and will arouse no side effects.
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The reasons above can explain why people can find treatments to get rid of dialysis or prolong the interval of dialysis, which reduce the pain and financial burden in a sense.

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