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How Can I Reduce My Serum Creatinine Level

There are a lot of things you can do to help to reduce your serum creatinine level. Besides the regular medical treatment for reducing creatinine level, you can also have other ways to reduce your high creatinine level. The relationship between creatinine and foods is very important, for example, as you may know, taking too much protein will add additional burden to your kidneys, so that may damage your kidneys. You can create a proper diet so as to help you reduce your creatinine level.
Treatments For High Creatine Levels
Water Intake - Swelling in feet and face is the sign that shows there is water retention in the body and water is accumulating in the body and shows that kidneys are not able to remove excess water from the body. So the water intake needs to be limited and under guidance of your doctor. If there is no swelling in the body and the urine output is normal, then the water intake can be 6-8 glasses or even more when there are increased creatinine levels. It helps to reduce creatinine levels naturally
Fluid Intake-Other fluids also contain water. You dono't need to reduce the fluid intake if you are not on dialysis or the urine output is not decreased and normal. If on dialysis, the water intake and other fluid intake should be restricted according to the dietician’s advice
How to Lower Creatinine Level 7.6 with Toxin-Removing Therapy
Non-Veg Diet - Usually the proteins are not recommended in kidney failure. If the patient is on haemodialysis then slightly higher intake of proteins (Animal protein - meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, and Vegetable proteins - nuts, pulses (beans, lentils etc), tofu ) is recommended. The higher intake is about 100-120 gm per day and the low intake is about 40-50 gm per day.
Packaged food, processed food –All packaged foods, fried items, processed food etc. should be stricktly avoided. All soft drinks, heavily cooked foods purchased from market, deepfried items, fried potatoes, alcohol should all be avoided.
Lower Creatinine Level 9.6 in Renal Failure via Toxin-Removing Therapy
There are Chinese herbs as well as the innovated Micro-Chinese Medicine used in our hospital These herbs and therapies also help to reduce the creatinine levels naturally and without causing any burden to your kidneys.

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