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What to do with High Creatinine for Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

High creatinine (Scr) is a character of patients with kidney diseases, as to the patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), high index of creatinine indicates that the enlarged cysts have already brought considerable damage to kidney. Then, what are the specific causes of high creatinine for patients with PKD, and what to do with it?
Causes of High Creaninine in PKD
 PKD Patients Reverse Creatinine Level 734 to 197 with Natural Treatment
Along with the growth of cysts, they will squeeze the normal renal tissues and resident cells, then the kidney fibrosis will gradually replace the normal renal units, accordingly, the kidney can not function to excrete toxins as before, thus causing the retention of toxins (such as creatinine and blood urea nitrogen) in the body, finally the patients will get a reporter reading a high creatinine.
Treatment for the High Creatinine of Patients with PKD
PKD, Creatinine 7.1, Hemoglobin level 8.3
As we have figured out the causes of high creatinine in PKD, therefore, the essential measures for it can be summarized as three aspects: controlling the growth of cysts, blocking the renal fibrosis, and restoring the damaged renal resident cells and tissues. And all of these effects can be achieved by applications of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. With modern penetranting instruments, the active principles in the Chinese Medicine can directly permeate to kidney lesions, and then inactive the cystic epithelial cells, thus fundamentally inhibits the growth of cysts. Besides, thanks to the degrading functions of Micro-Chinese Medicine, it can effectively degrade the renal fibrosis already formed and prevent the formation of new fibrosis tissues. In addition, the principles, with its function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can also improve the state of ischemia and hypoxia of kidney, which is caused by the oppression given by cysts, as a result, it preserves the survival healthy tissues and restore the damaged ones with the help of organic acid and Vitamin and other nutrition contained in the medicine. As the condition of disease is alleviated, accordingly, the index of creatinine will lower accordingly.
Stage 5 PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) with Creatinine 5.25
In conclusion, timely and effective treatment to control the cyst growth and restore the kidney functions is the fundamental way to lower the creatinine of the patients with PKD. And the time of treatment should be as earlier as possible, or if the disease has developed into End Stage Renal Failure, it will be extremely difficult to reverse.

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