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Hypertensive Kidney Failure: Nursing Care and Treatment Plan to Enjoy Quality Life

kidney failure: nuring care and treatment plan to enjoy quality life Hypertensive kidney failure: nursing care and treatment plan will help you to enjoy quality life. What we need to know about hypertensive kidney failure? Hypertension, following Diabetes, is the secondary leading cause of end-stage kidney failure. Typically, kidney disease occurs in those with hypertension for 5-10 years. At early stage, the patient experiences increased night urinations, proteinuria, intermittent hematuria and swelling. In kidney failure, many patients have other vital complications caused by hypertension, such as arterial sclerosis retinopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy, coronary disease, heart failure, brain arterial sclerosis or brain accident. In progressing course of hypertensive kidney failure, the patient often find high blood pressure more and more difficult to be controlled. This makes the kidney condition deteriorate much more rapidly than other kidney diseases. As we can find, the condition comes to the patient very complicated and dangerous.
Nursing care plan is an important aspect in better coping with the disease and decreasing risks. On this basis, patients need proper and immediate treatment to boost up kidney functions so as to achieve the final target of enjoying quality life.
Nursing care plan for hypertensive kidney failure patients:
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1. Avoid sitting at table for reading for long hours. You’ll overstrain your brain and elevate blood pressure in that way.
2. Get-up movements should be slow and gentle. Better to stay lying structure for seconds, move necks and the upper limbs to as to make the body adapted to postural changes.
3. Avoid hard bowel movements so as to reduce any possibility of brain hemorrhage.
4. Follow a light-flavor breakfast, such as a cup of milk, an egg or a piece of bread.
5. For your supper, the dry foods should be served with some soup or porridge, and remember not eat to too full.
6. Moderate morning exercise benefits for lessening arterial tensions. But strenuous exercise should also be avoided.
7. Inappropriate temperature water-whether cold or hot, may stimulate skin sensors and induce vascular shrinkage. So your blood pressure will be effected. Bath. Ideal water temperature for bathing, washing face or gargling is around 40 degree centigrade.
8. Low sodium and rich vitamin diet. Sodium is an important mineral for regulating blood pressure. Too much dietary sodium supplement will increase blood pressure. Vitamins are beneficial for regulating internal metabolism.
9. Drink some tea. Tea polyphenol brings several benefits: regulation of fat metabolism, clear inflammation and softening blood vessels.
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10. Proper protein supplement. Proteins are main nutrient sources for human body. However, eating too much proteins can aggravate renal metabolic burdens and worsen renal functions. Protein complement to the patient is determined by the specific condition. When there are no abnormal clinical symptoms, protein intake 50g/d is all right. However, if blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine increases obviously, patient needs to cut down daily protein consumption to 40g/d.
Proper treatments for hypertensive kidney failure patients to enjoy quality life:
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
It is a kind of natural herbal remedy. Chinese medicines typically take on the effect to dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. When bloodstream circulation running more smoothly and more blood enters kidneys, blood pressure will be under better control and fibrosis to the kidneys caused by renal ischemic will be blocked. Original high blood pressure intensifies renal internal pressure and damages renal capillaries. If the severe tension is remitted and high pressure condition removed, kidneys will be at ease and continuous inflammatory stimulation to kidneys eliminated.
In addition, Chinese medicines will clear away blood stasis, degenerate excellular matrixes (ECM) and enhance nutritive microelements and minerals for kidney repairing. Chinese medicine treatment for hypertensive kidney failure not only activates metabolism of damaged renal intrinsic cells, but also will remit damages to other body systems, such as brain, heart, eyes, etc.
Stem Cell Treatment
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Stem cell treatment will restore necrotic renal tissues and boost up renal functions. Stem cells are a class of immature cells with the potential of updating and differentiating into cell types in unspecialized tissues and organs. Stem cells will be attracted by traumatic signals released by kidneys, act on renal lesions to regenerate into new renal glomerular cells, interstitial cells, etc for tissue repairing and function reestablishing. In addition, stem cells will inactivate inflammatory meditative factors, and promote highly differentiated renal papilla to produce new kidney cells. With stem cell treatment, renal endocrine, filtration and excretory functions will be further enhanced so that clinical manifestations such as high BUN and creatinine, swelling and proteinuria will be under control gradually.
The above active treatment and nursing care plan is suggested to the patients with hypertensive kidney failure. If you have any doubt regarding to hypertensive kidney failure, you may get free communication chance with experts online. As the largest kidney disease hospital in China, we feel obligated to help you find the best solution.

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