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What are the Commom Complications of Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of genetic kidney disease with the occurrence of multi-cysts on renal cortex and medulla. PKD can cause various complications. So PKD needs an early treatment which is favorable for the controlling of illness condition. Then what are the complications of polycystic kidney disease?
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1 Cyst infection: generally, in this situation, patients often have pain in renal area, and also present fever. It is easy to mix cyst infection with pyelonephritis.
2 Hemoturesis: Few patients may have active and persistent gross hematuria, which even can threaten patient's life.
3 Hypertension or repeated urinary tract infection.
4 Kidney stone: under normal circumstances, the backache caused by PKD is dull pain. The occurrence of colic pain accompanied by gross hematuria occurs may indicate kidney stone.
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5 Brain artery hemangima: the incidence for brain artery hemangima is about 10%-40%, often detected due to the hemangioma and cerebral hemorrhage.
6 Multiple cysts on other organs: half of patients whose PKD was diagnosed in the middle age also have polycystic liver. And at 60, about 70% of them have polycystic liver. But in general, the worsening of cyst on live is much slower than that on kidney, about 10 years. In addition, pancreas and ovary can also be found cysts. The incidence of colonic diverticula is also high.
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The above is a general introduction of complications led by PKD. If you have other questions, please consult our experts online directly. Wish a good health!

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