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Cordyceps and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Cordyceps is one commonly used Chinese herbal medicine to repair the kidneys. Actually, Cordyceps can help regulate the function of various kinds of viscera. Well then, how do patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease benefit from Cordyceps? Let's talk it detailedly.
1. Improve Kidney Function:
Avoid Dialysis in Polycystic Kidney Disease at Renal Failure Stage
With the growth of the cysts, the kidneys are more likely to be damaged by cyst enlargement. When kidney impairment occurs, patients' kidney function is at risk of decreasing. Without effective treatment, the kidney function will decrease gradually. When kidney function decreases, Cordyceps can perform its function to improve kidney function, which means that Cordyceps can help repair kidney lesion caused by the cyst enlargement.
2. Lessen Damage of Renal Toxic Drugs to Kidneys
Some patients will be told to take some renal toxic drugs, which can damage kidneys directly. Cordyceps can help patients eliminate the damage of renal toxic drugs to kidneys and then improve kidney function.
Shrink Kidney Cyst 2.3*2.1cm with Natural Treatment in PKD
3. Regulate Hematopoietic Function
When the kidney damage progresses to Kidney Failure, many patients will present anemia due to less red blood cells (caused by the inability of damaged kidneys to excrete enough erythrogenin and premature death of red blood cells resulted from the deposition of too much toxin in body).
Cordyceps can help strengthen the ability of marrow to form red blood cells so as to improve anemia.
4. As One Member of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
How to Improve Kidney Function in PKD via Chinese Medicine
As one member of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cordyceps contributes to helping patients with various kidney diseases live a better life through lessening patients' pain and improving kidney function.
I hope Cordyceps can benefit more and more patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease and other kidney diseases.
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