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How Does Cyst Enlargement Cause Kidney Failure

The majority of patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)will experience Kidney Failure due to the enlargement of the cysts in kidneys. How does cyst enlargement cause Kidney Failure? How to prevent the growth of the cysts effectively? The Growth of the Cysts:
The multiple cysts will grow with patients' increasing age. Generally, the kidneys are at the length of 10-12 cm. The cysts of some patients with PKD will even grow to 10 cm, which makes them like pregnant women. It is difficult for them to bend down and move in case of the rupture of the cysts.
Will Kidney Cyst Cause Renal Failure
How Does Cyst Enlargement Cause Kidney Failure?
When the cysts grow bigger and bigger, the compression of cysts on the surrounding tissues, the traction on the pedicle of the cysts and the distension of the renal capsule will damage the kidneys gradually and the cysts will replace the normal tissues in the kidneys.
Without timely control, the kidney damage will progress to Kidney Failure.
How to Control the Growth of the Cysts?
The key to control the growth of the cysts is to inactive the endothelial cells that engages in excreting the fluid. To inactive the endothelial cells is to make the endothelial lose the ability to excrete the fluid. With more and more fluid excreted by the endothelial cells, the cysts will become bigger and bigger.
How to Inactive the Endothelial Cells?
Avoid Dialysis in Polycystic Kidney Disease at Renal Failure Stage
Traditional treatment methods, such as dialysis and kidney transplant is not to inactive endothelial cells. Dialysis is used to remove waste and toxin when the kidneys are damaged and cannot work well. Kidney transplant plans to help patients survive when dialysis cannot play its function to relieve patients' pain.
Considering this, another method is adopted to inactive the endothelial cells, which is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (one kind of externally used herbal medicine therapy). After the effective medicine is permeated into the cysts, the endothelial cells will be inactivated. And then fluid cannot be excreted. And the cysts will shrink.
As I said, the cysts will grow with the increasing age. Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease had better receive reasonable treatment to control the growth of the cysts earlier, especially when they present pain in the back, flank or abdomen. If they succeed in controlling the growth of the cysts, they may find that they should lived a better life.
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