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Diet for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Keep a scientific and reasonable diet for patients who have Chronic Kidney Disease is an important measure in treating Chronic Kidney Disease, because a healthy diet can help relieve symptoms, reduce renal damage and increase the quality of patients’ life. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, there are some characteristics in their diet.Ginseng and Chronic Kidney Disease
● Limited ingestion of protein.
Reducing the intake of protein can help relieve azotemia, so as to reduce renal damage from protein. What’s more, lower intake of protein can also help reduce the phos existing in the blood, because the intake protein is always accompanied by the ingestion of phosphorus and other inorganic acid ions. Generally speaking, for we healthy person, the daily intake of protein accounts for 0.1 percent of our weight. So, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, the daily ingestion of protein usually ranges from thirty gram to thirty-six gram. When eating foods containing protein, fish, lean meat, chicken, and milk should be the first choice. Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid eating foods which contain amounts of vegetable protein such as peanut, soya and its products, because there are a lot of unnecessary amino acid in the vegetable protein and eat too much of it not only can not supply the body with necessary materials, but also aggravate urine protein.How Do CKD Patients Eat to Feel Better A Daily Diet for Kidney Disease Patients
● Adequate intake of calories Do Pods Make Your Urine Foamy in Kidney Disease Patients Is Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Allowed to Eat Grape
Carbohydrate is abundant in heat, so adequate intake of carbohydrate can supply the body with enough calories, and then reduce the break down of protein, which is aim at provides the body with calories. Apart from that, ingesting enough carbohydrate can also relieve azotemia and make amino acid be fully used. The calories patients with Chronic Kidney Disease needed everyday are 125.6J/kg and these calories mainly be taken through their staple foods which contain quantities of carbohydrate. These foods include rice, wheat, corn and other frumentums. Besides, foods such as sweet potato, taro, apple and lotus root are also rich in carbohydrate, so they can be eaten in between meals as supplementary foods.Can a Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Fast in Ramadan Foods to Avoid for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure
● Adequate intake of vitamin
Chronic kidney disease is usually accompanied by hypovitaminosis, which is related with the limitation of foods that patients can eat and abnormal metabolism which resulted from the disease. Thereby, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should pay more attention to their diet, for example, eating many foods which contain large quantity of vitamin, especially vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid. Mostly, these vitamins exist in the vegetables and fruits such as tomato, rape, chive, orange and hawthorn. So, in their diet, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should try to eat more vegetables and fruits.

A scientific diet is very important for the health of ordinary people, especially for the recovery of these who have disease. So, try to keep a healthy diet in your daily life.

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