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Food for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Apart from effective and timely treatment, patients who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease especially those who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease not long ago usually also focus on the food which they should have or should not have so as to assist the treatment and achieve recovery as soon as possible. In China, Chinese people value it as well. Generally, the principles that patients with chronic kidney disease are as follows:Acupuncture for Kidney Disease Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Firstly, chronic kidney disease patients should keep low salt intake and low fat intake. As for the former, when chronic kidney disease patients have edema or high blood pressure, they should especially pay attention to the limitation of salt. Generally, the intake of salt should be at 2 to 4g per day. Low salt diet can help patients avoid the retention of water and sodium and prevent the deterioration of edema and high blood pressure. As for the latter, chronic kidney disease patients should avoid the intake of fat, for fat can lead to the arteriosclerosis. Can Patients With Kidney Disease Drink Bottled Water
What Type of Vegetables Are Permitted for CKD Patients
Kidney disease patients have had arteriosclerosis in kidney, so they should have plant fat instead of animal fat, and control the intake of plant oil under 60 to 70 g per day. Plant oil such as bean oil, sun flower oil, olive oil, or peanut oil all can replace animal fat. In addition, plant oil contains less saturated fatty acid and more unsaturated fatty acid, which can not lead to the arteriosclerosis and can decrease cholesterol.Home Remedy for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Can Stage 4 Kidney Disease Patient Eat Fish
Secondly, chronic kidney disease should choose good quality protein food. What is good quality protein food? It means that in the metabolism process, the food we take in can produce less nitrogen. Nitrogen as we know belong to the metabolism product which can bring more burden to kidney when it is discharged out from kidney. Foods which contain good quality protein are such as milk, fish and lean meat and so on. In contrast, plant protein should be limited.Is OK to Eat Sugarcane for Kidney Disease Patients

Thirdly, chronic kidney disease patients should also take in enough energy. If the energy they take in is not enough, the body will exhaust the stored energy in the body, which increases the level of serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and worsen the condition.

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