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Diet of CRF Diet Cautions of Patients with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

Diet is the source to support lives and the absolutely basic requirements to maintain growth. Besides, inappropriate diet will contribute to the attacks of diseases, and as to the patients with disease, it may aggravate their conditions. In the following, this article will list several diet cautions for patients with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), based on the symptoms of them.
I Intake of Protein: As it is known to all, patients with CRF can not excrete protein normally by their kidneys, that’s why most of patients have symptom of proteinuria. Therefore, proper intake of protein will help to relieve burden of kidney, staving off the progress of Renal Failure. It is suggested to have protein conforming to the standard~0.4-0.6g/kg (weight), and select food containing high-quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, etc. Compared with bean products, corn, powder, and rice, these foods contain rich essential amino acids with little nitrogenous substance, which won’t aggravate retention statement of nitrogen for the patients. However, as to patients with Nephrotic Syndrome and still preserve renal functions, the high-quality protein intake should follow a standard of 1g/kg, considering their characteristic symptoms. With regard to the patients with severe Nephrotic Snydrome and poor renal function, ask the doctor to determine the intake of protein.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
II Intake of Salt: Patients with Chronic Renal Failure, if don’t have symptoms of edema (swelling Swelling and Kidney Disease) and hypertension, the intake of salt for them can be the same with that of normal people (10g/day). However, as to the patients with edema and hypertension, much intake of salt will lead to retentions of water and sodium, making the edema severer and worsening the statement of hypertension. Therefore, salt intake for them should be controlled at 2-3g/day. If the patients also have oliguria and hyperkalemia, strict controlling of leopoldite is compulsory.Diet for a Kidney Failure Patient What Food Should Diabetic on Dialysis Take
III Intake of Water: If without symptoms of oliguria and edema, patients with CRF don’t need to control water intake. As to patients with obvious edema, excluding basic meals, 500-800ml/day water intake is appropriate for them. Patients with urinary tract infection or urinary stones, an amount of water intake is needed to clean the urinary tract, generally, 2400-3000ml/day water intake and keeping the urine more than 2000-2400ml is effective to alleviate their symptoms.
IV Taboo Foods: Patients with CRF can not eat Spicy stimulating food, seafood, Frying food. As to other daily habits, giving up smoking and alcohol is also helpful for the patient’s condition.What Food to Eat to Control Kidney Failure How to Treat Kidney Failure With Chinese Medicine

These are a few of diet cautions for the patients with Chronic Renal Failure, but the specific is differ from one patients to another, therefore, patients should arrange their diet based on scientific suggestions and the doctors’ orders, in order to improve their conditions and control the development of disease. However, it is the effective formal treatment that could help patients recover. So, please don’t hesitate to contact with our consultant on line, he will give you a specific explanation and effects of our characteristic treatment.

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