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Dietary Principle of People with Nephritis

When it comes to diet, we all know that people with Nephritis have different dietary principle with us. We healthy people can eat what we like. However, for these who have Nephritis, they should follow some principles so as to avoid exacerbation of their disease. Well then, what are the dietary principles of people with Nephritis?
First of all, people with Nephritis should limit potassium intake, particularly for these who have less urine or even no urine. Try to avoid eating these foods which is abundant in potassium such as mushroom, red dates, shellfish, bean products, pumpkin, cabbage, banana, orange, coconut, celery, edible seaweed and dried scallop and so on.
Secondly, as swelling which is caused by retention of excessive water and sodium is one of the major symptoms, people with Nephritis should limit the intake of water and salt as well. The exactly intake of water and salt depends on their illness condition.Is Cranberry Good For Chronic Nephritis Patients
Diet and Nutrition Goals for Chronic Nephritis Patients
Thirdly, low-protein diet is necessary. The intake of protein should be on the basis of their illness condition. Usually, the protein intake for people without severe symptoms ranges from twenty gram to forty gram a day. In a word, the protein intake depends on the disease condition. Furthermore, most of the protein ingested by patients should be high-quality protein.Chronic Glomerulonephritis: Natural Treatment and Diet
Fourthly, try to avoid eating spicy excitant foods such as fennel and pepper. The metabolin of these foods contain purine which is discharged by our kidneys, hence, eating too much of these foods will increase our kidney burden.

Apart from these, people with Nephritis also should replenish enough vitamins and carbohydrate which will ensure our normal life. Although this article tells a lot about the dietary principles of people with Nephritis, these are just the general principles and because of the difference of severity, people with the same disease may have different dietary principles, so what you can or can not eat depends on your specific illness condition. If you want to know the dietary principle which is suitable for you, please consult our consultant online or leave message to me.

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