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Sodium and Your Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Diet

Sodium is the important inorganic element in our body and the normal volume of it in our body is 3200mmol for female and 4170mmol for male. Salt is rich in sodium, so it is easy for us to ingest adequate sodium by eating some foods. However, due to some causes, some people may be lack of sodium, leading to the occurrence of some abnormal symptoms such as lassitude, vomit and even faint. Although sodium takes up an important position in our activities, People with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid ingesting too much of it.Effects and Side Effects of Eating Bananas for CKD Patients
Generally speaking, excessive sodium is discharged by our kidneys, but for people with Chronic Kidney Disease, their kidneys are damaged and can not remove the extra sodium smoothly, which will cause the accumulation of sodium in our body. In addition, because kidneys have lost the ability to control the balance of water, excessive water can not be removed as well. Building up of large amount of sodium and fluid will give rise to swelling which may show in the face, inside ankle, around eyes or other parts of our body. Besides it, retention of sodium and fluid can also cause increase of blood pressure, shortness of breath and fluid around our heart and lungs. Therefore, limiting the intake of sodium is of great importance for people with Chronic Kidney Disease.Nursing Cares for Kidney Shrinkage Patients Low Purine Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Just as we have mentioned above, salt is abundant in sodium, so through ingesting less salt, people with Chronic Kidney Disease can get an effective limitation of sodium. The following foods which contain large amount of sodium should not be eaten too much or allowed for people with Chronic Kidney Disease: barbecue sauce, steak sauce, teriyaki sauce, crackers, potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, fermented bean curd, rotten eggs, and pickles.

In addition, due to the different severity of swelling and disease, people with Chronic Kidney Disease may have different standard about intake of sodium. If you want to know the specific intake of salt or sodium, please leave message to me or consult our consultant online.

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