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Diet for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

When you are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, diet will become one of the important parts of your treatment plan. You recommended diet may change over time, depending on how much renal function you have, which is measured thorough glomerular filtration rate. If your Chronic Kidney Disease progresses and your glomerular filtration rate continues to decrease, the amount of protein, calories and other nutrients in your diet will be adjusted to meet your changing needs. Moreover, if you have done dialysis or kidney transplant, then your diet will be on the basis of the treatment your received.Top 10 Diet Suggestions for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Diet for Stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease
The right amount of protein
For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, getting right amount of protein is of great importance to their healthy. Protein has function of building muscles, repairing tissues and fighting infections. However, too much protein will increase the burden of our kidneys, making our kidneys work a shorter time. Therefore, sufferers from Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid ingesting too much protein. Protein ingested by through diet mainly comes from two sources which include animal sources and plant sources. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, animal sources such as egg white, fish, chicken, lean meat should be their first choice.CKD: What Foods Can I Eat After Dialysis What Is The Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Plan
The right amount of calories Is Ginseng Good For Patients With Kidney Disease Diet of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease
Calories can give us energy, help us stay at a healthy weight and help our body use protein for building muscles and tissues. Since calories play such an important role in our life, we should get enough calories, especially for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. People suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease usually are recommended to limit the intake of protein, so they may also be cutting down an important source of calories. As a result, they may need to get extra calories from other foods. Other good sources of calories come from fats such as soft margarine and oils like canola or olive oil.

Apart from protein and calories, to recover quickly, people with Chronic Kidney Disease may need to change the amounts of some of the nutrients in their diet and they are sodium, salt, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, fluid, vitamins and minerals. To get more details about these nutrients, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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